Did my HDMI mini Displayport Cable kill itself?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by GameFreak348, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Hello guys,

    I own a 2012 13" MacBook Pro, since it doesnt have HDMI and only has mini displayport I bought this cable to use it with my Asus VG248QE: https://www.apfelkiste.ch/apple-zub...erbolt-hdmi-verbindungskabel-180cm-weiss.html

    I connected it and set up everything, it worked perfectly fine. While I was doing some work sometimes the monitor would black out and revive again. The black outs were rare. It went trough the day without any major problems, but towards evening while I was youtube videos suddenly the monitor crashed, it went into the no signal TV grain which it never in my whole life did. Normally it just bluescreens to no signal. I heard weird noises coming from behind the monitor, it wasnt from the macbook. And now boom! Cable doesnt work, monitor isnt being recognized, I tried resetting PRAM and SMC and it didnt help, there isnt any signal going to the monitor. the hdmi connection on the monitor still works, i tried it with my xbox one. I think my HDMI mini displayport cable died?
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    Your ASUS VG248QE display has other video connections, such as DisplayPort.
    So you could use THAT, instead of HDMI. Try a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, completely bypassing the HDMI.

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