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Apr 12, 2001

Five months after launching, and with millions of people stuck at home, Disney's streaming service Disney+ now has 50 million subscribers, reports Deadline.


Disney+ in early February had 28.6 million subscribers, which means the streaming service has grown by 21.4 million subscribers in the last two months. Much of the boost can be attributed to recent launches of the service in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Switzerland, and India.

50 million subscribers is ahead of Disney's own figures. When unveiling the service, Disney estimated that it would garner 60 to 90 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2024, and if growth keeps up, Disney will hit that goal this year.

Apple has not released subscriber numbers, which means there's no direct comparison to Disney+. Since September, Apple has been providing a free year of service to everyone who purchases a new Apple device, so it will take over a year until Apple has large numbers of paying subscribers.

At launch, Disney+ ran promotions for discounted service for multiple years, marking the service down to the equivalent of $3.99, and has provided free Disney+ access to Verizon subscribers. Wit the exception of free trial members and Verizon users, customers with access to Disney+ are paying for it, unlike most ?Apple TV?+ subscribers at this time.

Disney+ has a significant edge over ?Apple TV?+ because Disney+ has an established catalog of content along with many popular Star Wars and Marvel franchises. "The Mandalorian," the key show Disney+ premiered with, received more attention than any of ?Apple TV?+'s launch shows, including "The Morning Show," "Dickinson," "See," and "For All Mankind."

Apple could catch up in the future given its huge subscriber base and the large number of people who own an Apple device, but it will be quite some time before Apple can match Disney's content offerings.

Article Link: Disney+ Reaches 50 Million Subscribers in Just Five Months


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May 21, 2014
Solid streaming service with A+ quality content. Apple TV+ isn't even worth comparison at this point.
I don't think Apple are really going to be a big deal in the streaming industry going forward.
They would have bought Disney if they had plans to dominate.

It doesn't help that AppleTV+ offerings are mostly awful.

Also, content providers creating original stuff are effectively hampered right now. Disney can keep adding older, back catalogue content as it sees fit. Apple don't have that option, unless they start buying up films and shows they don't currently own.
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Mar 30, 2002
I watched the Mandelorian series. There was no other original programming for me after that, so I cancelled. It’s really light on original shows compared to Amazon, Netflix, HBO.

I haven’t seen anything compelling on Apple’s service yet.


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Mar 30, 2004
I watched the Mandelorian series. There was no other original programming for me after that, so I cancelled. It’s really light on original shows compared to Amazon, Netflix, HBO.

I haven’t seen anything compelling on Apple’s service yet.
Adult-friendly scripted original programming on Disney+ is slim picking at the moment -- The Mandalorian and Clone Wars.

For now, Disney+ relies heavily on childhood nostalgia (series you watched while growing up) and back film catalog from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars.

If you like Star Wars and Marvel, that will start to change as Marvel originals ("phase 4") hit Disney+ this year, starting with The Falcon and the Winter Soldiers in August and WandaVision in December. 2nd season of The Mandalorian is slotted in between, on October.

And from next year, expect 4 adult-friendly scripted originals to launch each year, such as Monsters at Work (Pixar) and Loki (Marvel), What if...? (Marvel), and Hawkeye (Marvel). Another Star Wars original will launch in 2022, with more in the works.


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Sep 8, 2011
iCloud Servers
Disney is for sure amazing but actually, Apple TV+ isn't bad either. I am subscribing to both and don’t plan to cancel any.

I cancelled Netflix tho and I think any 18+ website might be a good free alternative for that ?


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Jan 8, 2003
Disney did a great job with the app and offering. Sure, they have great content, but that’s only part of the game. The whole experience has been well done, and the price is tough to beat.
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Jul 18, 2011
We forget that Disney+ is priced as aggressively as it is to drive customers to their other businesses. Businesses which are now closed because people are largely forced to stay indoors. In addition, film schedules are being delayed, while tv and movie production has been halted, and we have no idea when they can resume. Disney is one of the companies being hit hard by this pandemic and they are a good company to follow with regards to how one might navigate this increasingly complex situation.
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Mar 16, 2019
Hillsboro, OR
Once they start loading disney channel content in there it'll be a must-have for families with kids under 15. They have a lot of stuff, but not everything.

Erehy Dobon

Feb 16, 2018
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Pretty easy to see which MR commenters have little kids and which ones don't in this thread.

Hey, do you guys know why G-rated movies dominate the top of the box-office charts (weekly, monthly, etc.)? It's because of kids.

Your kid will watch the same damned movie ten times in a theatre if they can, then watch the DVDs/Blu-rays until the drive's spindle crashes like an auto transmission after 300,000 miles.
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Aug 14, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
No surprise, Disney is a entertainment powerhouse with a marketing department that’s second to none (can’t wait to get my Hasbro Baby Yoda).
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