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    Please just check our new application Doclight. Doclight is a new and smart way of searching documents which will support your success at work, school and home.

    It is a system integrated search application. You can start a search directly from system menu bar like Spotlight. It enables you to search and instantly view the most related pages through all your documents as if they are just one single document. The main difference from Spotlight is that it directly shows the page you are looking for, not a document list containing your search keywords.

    We have focused on reaching the page you're looking for in seconds, and developed following features

    ● Page ranking system
    ● Word distance algorithm
    ● Emphesize power ranking (Header, title, paragraph detection)
    ● File name filtering
    ● Higher rank for up-to-date files
    ● Quick navigation between pages in different documents

    WEB Page :


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    Here is a video which is demonstrating the difference between Doclight and Spotlight.


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