iPhone XR Eye Strain on iPhoneXR?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sddabrow, Oct 29, 2018.


Moved to XR from X/XS/XS Max due to Eye Strain. Do you still have eye strain on the XR?

  1. No, believe the no-PWM from the LCD screen solved my issue

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  2. Yes, still have eye strain.

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  3. Yes, still have eye strain. However, the strain stopped once I covered the 'Notch' FaceID

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  4. No, you guys are crazy!

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  1. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    Having used an 8+ for the past week, at least your fallback phone is a great one. Sorry about all the issues you've gone through though. I feel you on the XR. I wish Apple allowed for text size changes in Safari, because it's much much easier for me to read on the 8+ than on the XR.
  2. TDDM, Nov 18, 2018
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    TDDM macrumors regular


    Nov 25, 2017
    I finally just bit the bullet and gave my XR to my brother yesterday. After several weeks of attempting to get used to the XR, it never felt right and kept giving me eye strain.

    Here's hoping Apple addresses the PWM issue in next years OLED phones, whether it be by increasing the overall Hz, or by only using PWM below certain brightnesses like a lot of other OLED phones.
  3. thadoggfather macrumors G4


    Oct 1, 2007
    7+ to XR path

    Easily justifiable with that stellar battery life when I thought I would be returning it and sticking with 7+

    I have an X also, and I like OLED, but LCD definitely seems soother on my eyes overall
  4. sddabrow thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 7, 2011
    Went on a work trip where I was forced to use the XR for long periods of time to handle emails. Not sure what changed, but no more headaches. I also turned FaceID back on (without attention aware) and not having the issues any more.

    Who knows, the only change I made was turning True Tone off.

    Maybe it was all due to my newborn and lack of sleep? Lol

    Sticking with the XR
  5. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    The XR doesn't use PWM.
  6. TDDM macrumors regular


    Nov 25, 2017
    I was referring to the OLED models, I fixed my post to make it clearer.
  7. rnbarg macrumors member


    Apr 27, 2015
    It's much harder to switch to a new phone when you have the old phone in tow or nearby to compare it to. Correspondingly, if you are "forced" to use a new phone, you may adjust. I think that is true for the XR and particularly true for non-Plus upgraders. That said I could never adjust to Apple's OLED implementation on the XS/Plus phones. I could get used to the XR and eventually realize some of its benefits.

    Since I have been posting on this and other threads about eye strain, I am finding myself using my iPhone for content consumption more and more (vs my 12.9" iPad Pro), particularly for YouTube. The 8 Plus aspect ratio 16x9 ia perfect for watching YT videos. The XR with the notch and its narrower screen, produces a much less satisfying smaller video with noticeably less detail on 1080P.
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    Battery life is an issue if you are traveling a lot. In my case, I work at home and have my 8 Plus on a wireless charging stand at most times. It also supports fast charging. With a 29 watt adapter it can charge to 60% in 20 minutes. With the more ubiquitous 12 watt adapter, maybe 30 minutes. The 7 Plus does not support wireless charging.
  8. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    So when you watch vids on the X series of phones with the Notches, How do it look when you don't zoom it to full screen, I know if you zoom it you will lose some of the vid because of the notch! I currently I have an SE and watch vids on that, just wanted a comparsion, Thank You!
  9. Puonti macrumors 6502a

    Mar 14, 2011
    On the X, Xs, Xr and Xs max when not zoomed in to fill the width of the screen, the video fills the height instead and centers the video on the screen horizontally. This leaves empty space to the left and right of the video.

    On your SE the video is 1.96 inches tall, on the X and Xs it would be 2.43 inches tall, on the Xr 2.56 inches tall and on the Xs Max 2.72 inches tall. For comparison the largest 16:9 iPhone screen (on the plus phones) would be 2.7 inches tall.

    All of this in landscape orientation, of course.
  10. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    You lose more of the video than just what the notch is covering. You lose video on all 4 sides. Lots of it, actually.
  11. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    Please explain
  12. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    The only way to go full screen video on the iPhones with a notch is to zoom the video, which cuts off content on all sides.
  13. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    How how does it look not zoomed in vs. an iphone 8
  14. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    Noticeably smaller compared to the 8+. No idea how it compares to an 8 since I dont have one of those. When it's not zoomed in, there are large black pillars on both the left and right side of the screen.
  15. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    Like having bezels then?
    So the 8 looks better then?
  16. Mackinjosh macrumors 65816

    Aug 21, 2014
    The aspect ratio of the 8+ is the same as most videos, so they play natively and use the entire screen. The XR screen is bigger but uses less of it to display videos natively. To use the whole screen, it has to zoom the videos.
  17. Puonti macrumors 6502a

    Mar 14, 2011
    This diagram should be close enough to reality to help you determine that.

    I've used screen measurements from sizescreens.com and iPhone X series screen silhouette from Apple.

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  18. Lyn2012 macrumors 6502

    Dec 26, 2007
    The question has to be when, or if, we will ever see a full screen iPhone with 16:9 ratio display.
  19. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    Kinda like S9?
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    Thank you!
  20. Kharpern macrumors newbie

    Nov 25, 2018
    I am pretty close to giving up on the Xr, and very disappointed. I want to know what it is about the screen that hurts so much. I get the eye strain after less than a minute of liking at the home screen. It isn’t the text suze, although that is a separate issue.

    I skeptically tried turning off the Face ID and attention checking features, but it hasn’t helped.

    I am coming from a 6, and thinking I will need to return this and get an 8. So, why are so many of you going for an 8 plus rather than a regular 8? I don’t like the large size because I have small hands.

    Thank you for this validating thread!
  21. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    People are going for the 8 plus because of the 1080p screen and the dual cameras, I have an SE with small hands as well and also thinking about getting the non plus 8
  22. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    Why do you think the XR is bothering you?
  23. GrumpyMom macrumors 604


    Sep 11, 2014
    I’m sorry it doesn’t seem to be working out for you.

    I’m totally at home now on the Xr. I did have to turn True Tone off. I use Face ID all the time. It doesn’t seem to be bothering me. I just hope my ophthalmologist will agree when I go in for my eye exam after the holidays.
  24. Martius macrumors 6502


    Jul 12, 2008
    Prague, CZ
    Well, the thing is: I currently have the regular 6s and I have been thinking about getting new phone. I was decided to get the X, but after reading those Eye Strain threads and trying out the X for more than 5 minutes, I changed my mind. My eyes felt weird looking at the X screen. It was like I can't focus properly on that screen. My girlfriend likes big phones (lol), she got the 8 plus. I started to like the plus size. You can get use to it. I was setting up that phone for her and after like an hour I was ok with that size. I also have quite small hands, not much bigger than her hands and I know I would have to change some "moves" I do every day. Like getting my phone out of the pocket. It doesn't feel that safe like having the regular iPhone 6/7/8, but after a while, I could get use to it.

    The reason why people are getting the plus is because it's almost the X (minus screen, FaceID, tele-lens OIS). I would not get the 8 just because it's almost like the phone I have.
  25. BigBen2493 macrumors regular

    May 10, 2016
    So right now, for you, how's your eyes with having the XR vs when you has the XS?

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