Finder 'Searching' Window Uniformity Issue

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Crimson Hikari, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Crimson Hikari

    Apr 1, 2013
    Recently I upgraded to OS X Mojave, and have been enjoying the joys of Dark Mode across my folders in Finder...for the most part.

    Currently the background of my folders is set to the default colour, because it's easy on the eyes. But as soon as I search for something, the background of the Finder window that I am searching with is a different colour (a lighter grey that somehow I had previously set manually somehow).

    I have spent no less than two hours in a chat talking to three different Apple Advisors (one of which didn't seem to be able to comprehend what I was trying to tell them) and had already tried almost all of the suggestions that they offered:

    -Reset NVRAM/SMC (already done)
    -Recently reinstalled the OS (Previously done to try and mitigate another problem that I was having)
    -Rebooted in Safe Mode (issue was still there)
    -Created and checked whether the issue was present in another user account (no - just limited to my account)
    -Checked and disabled my login items (already done)
    -Checked if this is an issue both in Dark and Light mode (it is)

    Has anybody else come across this issue? And if so - does anyone have any solutions which isn't to delete the .ds_store files (Done already, to no avail), to wipe and restore, or to migrate everything to a new user account? (the second two previously caused a SHEDLOAD of issues with non-App Store software licenses which I do not wish to repeat ever again if possible).

    I am using Mojave 10.14.2, on a Mid-2015 15in Macbook Pro.

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