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Jan 5, 2002
M3 with a G3?

The Mac vastly improves upon the ease of using a personal computer. The iPod vastly improves upon the ease of (effectively) using an MP3 player. What other "lifestyle appliances" are difficult to use or have poor usability?

- Extensive A/V systems
- VCR's
- PDA's
- Cell phones
- Automobile computer systems

The last one intriques me the most. No, this is not the fabled chip in the engine compartment that controls shift points and things like that. This is the collection of systems in the "cockpit" of the car: GPS, stereo, heating/air conditioning controls. Most of these systems are very difficult to use and this level of difficulty prevents you from A) driving B) using them to their full potential.

But what if... (cue music please)
Apple designed an "automobile computer system" and it was installed in a heck of a cool car (BMW M3?). Voice recognition, always-on wireless, and a sweet interface.

GPS? No problem.
Hands-free cell? No problem.
Listen/dictate emails and IMs? No problem.
Price tag? Perhaps a little bit of a problem.

It could happen -- full speed ahead and lust factor ten.
Rather this than a TiBook with a larger processor and a 10x CD-RW.



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Jan 3, 2002
The full speed ahead thing may have a double meaning as in that Mac SanFran is coming soon, and also as a CPU speed metaphor. Now how many things have a lust factor of ten? I know the female species think i have a lust factor of ten. Female life gaurds running in slow-mow on Baywatch have a lust factor of ten! Heck some of you may even think Fake Britney Spear porn images have a lust factor of ten (u perverts)! A Mac kicking a PC's ass or even a SGI's ass in 3d rendering, now a mac like that will definetley have a lust factor of OSX!!!!!


Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Order of Magnitude

Lust factor ten? Ok, an order of magnitude it seems to me, but of what. It can't be MHz, hah, 10 GHz machines! That would be nuts.

Ah, only two more days, and Apple is still managing to keep the hype alive.


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Nov 22, 2001
Its not apples aniversary of anthing is it? They did produce a 20th anniversary mac!


Come on dudes.. Apple is just refearing to Mac OS X... MAC OS 10 standard in all the machines....


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Oct 31, 2001
Lust factor ten...

Ten.. hmm..
Several things that apple has to do with Ten.

Mac OSX---meaning a update, 10.2 in store? New functions? More speed (full speed ahead.)?

TEN hundred Mhz.. 1000 ---1GHz full speed ahead---OVER 1GHz! yes that's it!

These are what I think about with this one.


The past two catch phrases at apple.com have been Star Trek refrences. What cool gadgets did Captain Kirk have? How bout communicators?

Or an iPhaser?


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Jan 5, 2002
Philadelphia PA
2002 is the 25th birthday of Apple

i thuink it really isn't until April, but this is 25 years for Apple, so i would assume we will see something special at some point........


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Oct 25, 2001
Minot, North Dakota
It's nothing special

The more of these phrases that come out, the less that I believe this MacWorld will feature much that is exciting. I'm starting to think that this MacWorld will feature something with space though...


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Nov 5, 2001
new product

Frankly, I think they will be releasing the iWalk. I also think that the machine will be more than just a common PDA, capable of several cool new things that nothing on the market can do right now. If this is what they are releasing, I would be completely sold on it and excited about buying it.

That video from a few days ago wasn't doctored (you can find "jumpyness" in any compressed video). I really believe that this is the new amazing product that's coming. If so, amazing it will be!


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Jan 4, 2002
I dunnno, that seems weaker than the previous catch phrases that were on there, tomorrows better be good!


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Apr 9, 2001

The best "cool technology" phrase I like is the following

I want one!!! .... What is it?

:) This embodies a cool "lust factor" device.



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Jan 4, 2002
iWalk on Spymac.com

IF anymone went on there the other day they saw that it was removed due to legal issues. I think Spy Mac just did that to make it seem more convincing. That way people would think, "Oh if Apple Legal told them to take it of that must be it!" Apple wouldn't let this big of a secret get out espically on video.


interesting thought...

Digital lifestyle.....

well, this mac world falls right around 2 major Auto Shows (LAAS and NAIAS) mabye apple has made an arangement with an car maker (which would be good for anyone who has used one of the new systems that control everything and have 600+ page manuals.

just a thought, i like apple and i like cars


I think they are referring to either 10.2 (which i hope is downloadable or i can get it for free at a store) or a new PDA OS based on OS X. They may not even make a PDA to go along with the new OS... palms and visors can upgrade their firmware. Along with most other PDA's


Apple 5 & 10

Apple Stores will be renamed the Apple 5&10's...featuring g5's and osX, of course.

Cable ready iMacs....so you can throw your TV away.

- justguesting....


If it is a car, its a VW Bug....

If it is smaller, it is a segway



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Jan 5, 2002
Star Trek

I think the Star Trek references are the key here. I'm anticipating some sort of handheld device, presumably a "PDA plus" with enhanced usability/functionality- voice recognition? I suspect that the ipod was partly designed to test the waters in terms of consumer and press reactions to this class of device from Apple.