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Sep 3, 2021
Hello everyone, I have a couple questions. I have built gcc10-bootstrap on my G5 using macports. Can this be used to build ports other than newer versions of gcc? I'm trying to get numpy building again on ppc and one of the issues is the lack of gcc >= 8.4. My second question is, does it take much more than adding three lines to the gcc11+ portfiles to get them to build?

Hi, thanks for the interest.

As long as you builds for ppc (not ppc64 and not universal), getting gcc13 should be smooth:

I suggest going that way rather than making a custom hack to one portfile, which may work, but potentially introduces a further mess with Python stuff.

P. S. If the procedure does work and you have an extra minute, please comment in the PR linked, otherwise some folks there are uninterested to test personally but insist on multiple third-party confirmations… What can I say.
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