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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by paulcross22, Apr 23, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick one-

    Is there anyway to get older unsupported apps working again? Like mobileme for example? Would there be anyway to get this running with iCloud?

    Or iChat - anyway to get this working with iMessage?

  2. bobesch, Apr 23, 2016
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    - MobileMe: no way, since the service had been stopped by Apple.(You may delete the mobileme-pref and fade off .mac/mobileme within the finder-windows to stop finder making you sad about these lost functions - so did I ... :/ )
    - iCloud-Email: works with the native Mail-Client of Tiger/Leopard (even with old mac/me adresses. On MacOS9 Classillas email-client has be the only client I found out to work with iCloud-eMail. I've posted the email-account-settings here :
    - iCloud Calender/Contacts: can be managed with Soho-Organizer 9.x (it's pretty expensive but worth the money since iCal/Contacts are back again ob PPC

    iChat!? - I would also be happy to get some inspiration how to revive it or get it connect with (my) iPhone. It still works within my home network, but it would be great to connect to remote Mac over WAN...

    It's also nice to use webDAV, FTP, VNC/ScreenSharing and FileSharing both on MacOS9 and OSX with PowerPC and Dropbox still native with Leopard or forever through FileSharing/FTP with a connected Mac with supported OSX...
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    Nothing I have ever tried will get iChat working as an iMessages app.

    Back when iMessaging was new there was a way to make it work, but that door got closed a long time ago. You can enter the correct (?) settings but it fails to login every time.
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    I remember there was a way to get iMessage on non-Apple devices but that's probably gone now. Some Chinese hackers managed to make an app(Android) that could impersonate an apple device which let you connect to imessages services, too bad it died quickly. If only they made this app for PowerPC and Apple didn't kill it.

    I use my iCloud email with the default mail client, works great. I don't know about any other iCloud services tho.

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