HomePod 'Hmmm . . . I'm having trouble playing that'


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Sep 25, 2013
I use my HomePod as the speaker for my Apple TV. Works great. Then I turn my TV off and some time later I want to play music from my iTunes Cloud library. "Hey Siri play the Beatles." To which it replies, "'Hmmm . . . I'm having trouble playing that"

The problem is the HP is still connected to the ATV for audio. To release it I have to turn my TV on, and either navigate my ATV to a program and turn it off or navigate it to settings/video and Audio/audio output. Either way it's a pain in the extremities.

I think there should be a command such as 'Hey Siri disconnect audio from ATV.' Apple support tells me there's nothing there yet.


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Jul 29, 2015
Siri seems to have got slower and stupid in iOS 12 official release the beta of iOS 12 it was quick and very few times “I have trouble doing that”


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Apr 19, 2010
The Homepod speaker sounds great. The Siri/wifi interface is crappy. Many times Beats 1 will not play but Siri is 'looking' for it. Seems to be similar interface cross connections from iTunes on Mac, itunes on iPhone. Siri wouldn't respond at all yesterday. With all Apple's engineers and the cost in developing this speaker it's shocking the interface for it can be so glitchy. I want buttons, wires, and direct connections.

This morning I come into the room with the stereo Homepods and Beats1 is playing. I did not turn it on. Wifi interface is too elusive to control.

I wish this speaker came with input cables and could avoid Siri/streaming altogether, but that is not the design. I enjoy the stereo sounds directly with my stored audio files. For other functions it's glitchy and awkward. I got several Homepods super cheap, otherwise it's not worth the cost.
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