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    Set up for travel:
    • AppleTV (3gen) connected to hotel television
    • iPad Air 2 with data plan
    • B&B with no internet access

    I understand that Apple needs to verify authenticity and non-expiration of rentals via either wifi or cell signal before playback begins. are my questions:

    1. If the rental is streamed iPad > AppleTV, does that gobble up data usage on the iPad (I assume yes, making this option unappealing)?

    2. What if I connect the iPad direct to the television, then playback from there? Will the data plan allow Apple to authorize playback, then no longer use data while I watch?

    3. When traveling overseas, would this work at all? Or will being in a different "zone" negate playback authorization?

    There were all sorts of problems when I tried to stream from the iPad to AppleTV in a U.S. hotel that had miserably slow wifi; before taking off to Scotland and Ireland next month, I'd like to get the snags figured out to avoid ongoing problems.

    Help, Oh Wise Ones.... :)
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    Why is there an AppleTV in this equation? Your iPad (with an HDMI adapter) will do everything the ATV3 can do and more. To take things 1 by 1:

    1 - I'm not sure this would even work as the ATV would have to be on a network in order to receive AirPlay from the iPad. You say the B&B has no wifi, I'm assuming no Ethernet either. Maybe you could set up an ad hoc network from the iPad but that seems like way too much work. It would be much more efficient to go from the iPad directly to the TV.

    2 - Authorized or not, streaming is streaming. If the movie isn't stored on the iPad; coming straight from Apple or elsewhere on the Internet, you're burning data. If the content is stored on the iPad you are correct. After receiving authorization from Apple you would no longer be need Internet access as all the data you need is already in the iPad's FLASH memory.

    3 - You would have to have an account with the iTunes Store of whatever country you are in.

    One more thing. Large hotels routinely cripple extra HDMI inputs to prevent guests from doing this. They want you to buy shows from their own pay per view options. It probably won't be an issue in a small B&B but you never know.
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    If you say you are staying at a B&B with no internet then what you can do is limited. I have read here that you can send info from from an Apple device to an ATV without internet.

    As noted in the previous reply, with with this Apple device:

    You can send whatever straight from you iPad to the TV in your room. Provided of course your TV has an HDMI input and provided you are able to switch HDMI inputs on the TV via the remote or from a input button on the TV itself.

    Unless the content in stored on your iPad, you will of course will be using data from your plan... either by sending it to the Apple TV or directly to the TV via HDMI cable...

    Overseas, things like HBO GO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME won't work due to licensing agreements... But if you have something like DISH ANYWHERE, that will work because you are accessing your own cable box from your home...

    If you are staying in a hotel that has internet, go into settings on your ATV and find your WiFi address. Take a picture of it. It is always the same no matter what. If you can give that addy to the hotel IT guy and ask them to add it manually to their system, then your ATV all work in the hotel. But they have to add it manually. You can join the hotel network in settings but you aren't really joining it. They must add it for you...You will then be able to access your iTunes purchased movies TV shows and music. Netflix should work but it will be the local version of whatever county you are in....

    Or you can buy the ATV-4 and then get a SMART DNS service for a nominal fee. Then change your DNS settings on the ATV and get every app you desire to work (HBO GO, SHOWTIME, History, HULU, etc...

    I just returned home from working in 15 different countries in South America and North America and never had a issue watching everything with my ATV-4, as long as the internet speeds were at least 10mbps down.

    Oddly, Bogata hotel had the fastest internet: 90 down and 90 up....

    Hope this helps

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