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Jul 5, 2018

I have my macbook pro screen not functioning anymore, and I need to use the system itself. I removed the hard disk drive and turned it to a USB hard disk (external) and i want to use it and operate the mac system on another laptop, the only laptop available is a windows 7 laptop. How can i do this?



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Jan 21, 2008
Is there a way using a mac? Might be possible borrow my friends laptop
You have a few options:
1) Put the hard drive back in the laptop and use another screen or a TV as your display
2) Put the hard drive back in the laptop, connect to another mac over firewire or thunderbolt, and boot your mac into Target Disk Mode
3) Keep the hard drive in the external enclosure, plug it in to another mac, and hold the option key booting to select the boot device


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Jul 30, 2003
Use the external drive to boot another Mac. This DOES assume that the other Mac is compatible with the macOS system on the hard drive.
For example, a system that is too new would likely boot to a "prohibited" symbol - or might crash to a kernel panic.
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