How to fix Error: CFBundleIdentifer Collision. More than one bundle with the value.iMessage Stickers

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by supershani, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Jan 30, 2018
    here's what happened:

    I am working on an iMessage sticker pack using the sticker pack template in Xcode version 9.2 on mac Sierra 10.12.6. I finished completely building the sticker pack when I accidentally deleted the stickerpackextension.appex file without noticing. I archived the app, clicked validate and all looked good. simultaneously, I was working on prepping the app for submission in iTunes Connect. I got to the portion where it said to select the build or upload it using xCode. I took this as meaning that I needed to submit the app to the app store in xCode first. So I went back to archive in Xcode, and pressed submit to app store. A few seconds later I got an email from apple saying the extension was missing and I needed to fix it and resend. It didn't give any other instruction. I could not figure out how to add the stickerpackextension.appex file back to my build, so I figured it'd be easier to just recreate a completely new file and save it over the current one. While recreating a new file I created a new bundleID which I'm not seeing was my grave mistake. When I tried to archive the new file I got the error:

    iTunes Store Operation Failed CFBundleIdentifier Collision. There is more than one bundle with the CFBundleIdentifier value 'com.shanipleasants.itsnotyouitsme' under the iOS application 'It's Not Me It's'.

    iTunes Store Operation Failed Bad bundle identifier. The bundle identifier 'com.shanipleasants.itsnotyouitsme' of the application extension It's Not Me It's's Not Me It's You StickerPackExtension.appex should start with the application's bundle identifier 'com.shanipleasants.itsnotyouitsme' and not contain more than one period “.” after the application's bundle ID.

    I went back to iTunes connect, registered the new bundleID I made, deleted the old one, but this didn't fix the issue at all. I even removed my provisioning profiles, manually created new ones, but this seemed to create more issues. I am not sure what else to do now. I wish I could recall what I submitted and just start over fresh entirely, but it seems like the files I have in Xcode and the ones in the app store have different bundle IDs and are not connecting. I cannot remember what my original bundleID was. Super new to iOS, first project I've ever made with xCode and super sad that I think I've ruined the entire thing. If anyone knows a way I fix this and salvage my project I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    Steps to recreate error: Steps to recreating my stupid error: Create complete sticker pack in Xcode Delete the sticker extension from the product folder Archive app and validate After validate is successful, press send to app store Receive email that extension is missing Create a new sticker pack file with different bundle ID that saves over the current sticker pack file Rebuild sticker pack Archive and press validate Receive error that bundle ID is conflicting Delete provisioning profiles & create new ones Still getting error

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