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Apr 12, 2001

Apple yesterday released a new version of iCloud for Windows 10, and based on multiple reports and the update's release notes, it appears Apple is introducing an iCloud Passwords extension designed for Chrome, which will allow iCloud Keychain passwords to be used on Windows machines.

Image via The 8-Bit

As noted by The 8-Bit and a few other sources, the update adds support for an "iCloud Passwords Chrome extension." After installing version 12 of iCloud for Windows, there's a new "Passwords" section in the app with an iCloud Keychain logo.

When attempting to use the feature, though, the iCloud app prompts users to download a Chrome extension, but the extension is broken and clicking to install leads to a broken web page.

This is likely a bug that will be addressed in the near future, and it sounds like when it is functional, Windows users will be able to access their iCloud Keychain passwords on their Windows machines through the Chrome browser. It's not clear if Apple will offer this extension for Mac machines in the future as well, and it appears to be limited to Windows at this time.

Article Link: iCloud for Windows Gaining Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension


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Jul 10, 2003
Falls Church, VA
I use Chrome on iOS half of the time just because of password management between desktop and mobile.

(clarification: I use Windows + Linux at work + grad school, and have switched to primarily iPad and iPhone for home use)


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Aug 5, 2015
I like this. Fam members use iPhones in a basic way - but most use PC laptops - I will be tracking them and urging them to get to know and use this - since most hate unique and complex passwords and that just drives me nuts and they think I am some kind of nut LOL
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Nov 15, 2007
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The only reason I use LastPass is because I have a Windows laptop for work and I have to maintain both Keychain and LP to make sure I have the same passwords in both locations. This would be a game changer and I could finally get rid of Lastpass completely.
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