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Apr 12, 2001

Sketchy claims that Apple's "iPhone SE 2" could boast an iPhone X-esque display apparently refuse to go away, with the latest addition to the rumor pile coming courtesy of Sonny Dickson.

Earlier today the parts leaker posted an image on Twitter of a supposed iPhone SE 2 screen protector that appears to share a similar notch-design to the one Apple uses to house the iPhone X's facial recognition sensors in lieu of Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

iPhone SE 2 (left) iPhone X (right) screen protectors. SE appears to share the design, however smaller notch. - Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) June 1, 2018

The comparison shot also shows an actual iPhone X screen protector (right) beside the allegedly leaked one in order to highlight the smaller notch that would presumably be destined for the smaller form factor phone.

Unconfirmed renders and dimensions of the next iPhone SE obtained by MacRumors from casemaker Olixar claim the device will have a length of 4.7 inches and a width of 2.1 inches, making it slightly smaller than the current model but with a larger display thanks to the fuller-screen design. They also suggest the device's notch will be around half as wide as the one on the iPhone X, but the idea that it might house facial recognition sensors still seems far-fetched.

Apart from the technological hurdles that Apple would have to overcome to achieve the unlikely feat, it's hard to imagine that Apple would include Face ID on the iPhone SE at all without hiking up the price significantly. Including the feature on an iPhone that starts at just $349 would reduce Apple's gross margins and risk cannibalizing sales of the iPhone X, which starts at $999.

Those issues put the whole notch-design in doubt, given that the lack of a home button would require some other method of user authentication. Some rival smartphones have recently featured integrated screen fingerprint sensors, but Apple has suggested it won't be following that approach ever since it developed its TrueDepth camera recognition system.

Apple hasn't properly refreshed the iPhone SE since it launched back in March 2016, but it did double the available storage capacities in March 2017. Rumors about an updated model have been contradictory in recent months, but they can be distilled into two camps: one hoping for a iPhone X-like design, and another expecting a minor refresh.

Article Link: Image Shows Supposed 'iPhone SE 2' Screen Protector With Smaller iPhone X-Style Notch

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
Its just a screen protector. I don’t believe this means anything that an iPhone SE will launch with Face ID, which would hike the price considerably. If we were To start seeing more component leaks for an iPhone SE with Face ID, that would be more substantial.

If the iPhone SE is updated, I think it would be minor with an improved resolution, camera upgrade in a similar form factor retaining a familiar price point.
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Mar 17, 2011
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This is so fake. No way SE will have a smaller notch. What, they will remove the camera? I think SE won’t have a notch at all just because with the smaller screen, the space on the sides of the notch will be too small to display anything.

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Jan 26, 2018
Face ID will not fit in such a small notch... I don't think this screen protector was made for real iPhone SE. It looks more like someone made screen protector based on recent rumors...
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Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
Why do we always have to talk about the SE as a "discount" device?.

Did you watch the March 2016 Keynote when the SE launched? Greg Joswiak stated they introduced the SE to be an “Affordable” entry-level iPhone with a 4 inch form factor. In order to make it that way, they didn’t include all the latest technology, which also made it affordable for other countries where the higher iPhone models are exorbitant in price.

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Aug 6, 2015
Why do we always have to talk about the SE as a "discount" device?
I would love to pay a high price for some of the same features as the flagship model as long as it comes in the SE form factor.

Might be an engineering limitation. Having a bigger screen = bigger device body = more physical space to fit all the components in. Just guessing.


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Apr 26, 2017
Maybe they just do notches on all devices? Tiny SE notch, but no face-ID. Why not?
Hopefully we'll see on Monday.


Jun 25, 2009
Oahhh - uuahh a notch...!
After months of opposition, fatal notch craze has also caught me:
After eye-cell amputation, I now enjoy a blacked out notch-zone of inactive retina cells for a permanent notch view - whether on phones, tv's, iPads, haircuts, my wife's (or Joni's) face and anything else that lacks a notch.
Man, it feels so good.
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Apr 24, 2013
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The small notch could work if the bezel is not as small as the iPhone X's. Even if not, rumors were that Apple was already developing smaller notches for the next generation. First generation is always done quickly to beat the market, then come the improvements. They'd have a good year or so do decrease the size of it.

Also, Im uncertain if this would be the SE or just the iPhone XI smaller version (from the rumors of the 3 sizes). Either way Im excited, especially if they were to keep the same form factor as the SE, I much prefer the flat edges over the round ones (and the flush camera is a kicker in my book). The only reason i upgraded from my SE was due to the iPhone X's lack of bezels! This will be an exciting year either way


Dec 7, 2012
I suppose if they took out the face ID kit, they would be able to reduce the notch. If they brought out an SE with an iPhone X style design, I would snap that up.
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Sep 16, 2012
If it is true, it means that the new se won’ t have a design without a bezel.
It will feature a small upper and lower bezel and a notch under the bezel.
So small black borders under the display and above the display. The upper bezel will have a speaker and the front camera, and beneath it will be a notch featuring the faceid.
So a cheaper and smaller lcd version with the new aspect ratio at 4.7 inch, and a small lower and upper bezel with a notch under the upper bezel, faceid, no headphone jack, wireless charging, etc. for about $550.
Perhaps they’ ll have an upgraded “ classic” se with slightly updated specs for about $350 they will launch at the same time as this version.

Perhaps they’ ll do this:
Iphone se (updated specs) for 399
4.7-5.0 inch iphone 9 (the one that has this notch) for 599
6.0 inch iphone 9+ with 6 inch lcd, same design as the 9, but bigger for 749

And the iphone x 2018 line up:
5.8 inch oled for 899
6.45 inch oled for 1049


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Nov 7, 2017
I think that this is real and we’ll see a notch SE released along with the other phones - and iPads - with a 2nd gen Face ID component, that is smaller than the current one.

I did think that Apple was going to redesign the SE to fit in iPhone 7/8 components.

Personally, I’d be happy with that but Face ID is clearly the future.

What’s the point of using resources to design a new phone with a home button and then have to support it for the next 4 years?

Perhaps the current SE will be kept on sale, but I think that we’ll start to see the average selling price of an iPhone, creep up again.

In the end, Apple is never going to be able to compete on price regarding android.

So it makes sense to provide lots of screen sizes but to always be at the premium end regarding build quality - and pricing. Kind of like a BMW or Audi compact car.
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Mar 24, 2010
Any place but here or there....
I guess we'll know on Monday if they decide to announce these news phones if there is a successor to the SE.

I would like an iPhone I do not have to pay more than $550 including AC+

Winter Charm

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Jul 31, 2008
This is so fake. No way SE will have a smaller notch. What, they will remove the camera? I think SE won’t have a notch at all just because with the smaller screen, the space on the sides of the notch will be too small to display anything.

The SE 2 won't have FaceID. It'll just have a tiny earpiece and a camera.


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Jan 6, 2002
These days I’m indifferent to Android v. iOS. Android has come a long way ok usability, while iOS has opened up a lot (to the point where the only reason to jailbreak/sideload, for me, is red-on-black night room mode in flux/goodnight).

But I just can’t reconcile myself to giant phones. I wa hoping Sony would give me a clear upgrade from my current SE but their hardware simply isn’t competitive especially given the price. If only One Plus would make a small phone. I’m hoping this SE 2 turns out well; not having a headphone jack will be a pain in the ass driven by nothing but politics but I’ll deal with it for a modern screen-to-body ratio on a smaller phone.


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Sep 21, 2009
While I don't expect this leak to pan out with an SE2, I still think Apple needs three flagship phones. They need a small, mid, and large one. They have the mid already and large is expected soon. Now just make the small one and we're all happy. Nothing preventing them from continuing to make a budget phone.
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