Install New 2nd Bootcamp Partition?

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    I have an early 2008 Mac Pro tower (upgraded Ram & Video) using El Capitain plus a Bootcamp 6.01 Win7 installation on a Separate internal HDD.

    I want to install a new Win7 partition on my Mac OS HDD (250 GB of free space) while maintaining my existing Win7 installation on its separate drive.

    Thus, I will end up with 2 BootCamp Win7 partitions, one new and the other old and worn out.

    My purpose is to create a Fresh Win7 installation to which I will gradually copy and reinstall 10 years of Docs & Applications from my existing over-taxed Win7.

    Where do I begin? I assume I need to create a new Bootcamp partition on my Mac OS HDD, currently a single partition.

    Just not sure of the best way to go about that without screwing up either my Mac OS or existing Win7 installation and data!

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    The Boot Camp assistant will not create another partition if it sees one that's already there. And it will not create a partition on a drive that's already partitioned. I'm not sure if you're saying that you have two drives installed in your Mac Pro or are you trying to do all this on the same drive?

    If you have two separate drives to work with, you can use something like WinClone to copy and move all your Win 7 info and data to the new Win 7 installation.
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    Jan 20, 2014
    Thanks! I actually have 4 drives on my Mac. I've long heard that Boot Camp can handle multiple OS systems, with the ability to boot into any of them. So why not 2 Win 7's?
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    Boot Camp is a simplified procedure for a complicated process, it only supports one other OS alongside Mac OS. Why don't you:

    Back up your personal data onto an external SD card, pendrive or HD depending on quantity/size
    Reformat and reinstall Windows 7 in your existing setup
    Copy your backed-up data back.

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