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Apr 12, 2001

Two weeks after being released to the public, iOS 11 is installed on 38.5 percent of iOS devices, according to data collected by analytics company Mixpanel.

Since last week, iOS 11 adoption has grown by just over 10 percentage points. At the 24 hour mark, iOS 11 was installed on 10 percent of devices, and at the one week mark, iOS 11 was installed on 25.28 percent of devices.


iOS 11 adoption rates have been slower than iOS 10 adoption rates during the same time period last year. Two weeks following the release of iOS 10 in September of 2016, the update installed on 48.16 percent of devices, putting iOS 11 about 10 percent behind.

It's not clear why iOS 11 adoption is lagging so far behind iOS 10 adoption, but it could be due to the fact that key features like peer-to-peer Apple Pay and iCloud storage for iMessages have been delayed until a later update.

Apple has already released two minor updates to iOS 11, iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2, both addressing bugs in the operating system. The most recent iOS 11.0.2 update, for example, fixes an issue that caused some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models to emit a crackling sound from the earpiece during phone calls.

As iOS 11 adoption grows, the number of users on iOS 10 has been decreasing. 54.82 percent of iOS users continue to run iOS 10, while 6.69 percent run an older version of iOS.

Article Link: iOS 11 Now Installed on 38.5% of Devices Two Weeks After Launch


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Sep 30, 2015
Wish my google tv remote app would get finished and apple didn't pull it from the app store so I could at lease use my old phone until the app got updated. Any way to get an app from a 6s on 11 to a 4 on 7.1?


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Dec 11, 2014
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I'm still on iOS 10.

No need to speculate, I'll tell you why...

  1. I'm nervous that iOS 11 will degrade the performance of my phone.
  2. It is known to have shipped with QA flaws, issues and oversights.
  3. Apple killed the magic, they're just another CE maker now. I'm not as loyal of a follower/user as I used to be because of the price gouging and compromised hardware they keep putting out. They've lost a lot of goodwill on my end. And yeah, I may be just one person that won't affect the scales or volumes of their entire market, but you still can't erase a person out og existence so here I am, still on iOS 10.
tl;dr; - major trust issues

I figure I'll reconsider upgrading my 6S once 11.1 comes out.


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Jun 15, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
I've had a perplexing experience with iOS 11 so far. The public betas ran great on my 7+. Traded that in for an 8+ and it acts kind of jerky/sketchy from time to time. And the GPS seems to be wonky, especially with Pokemon Go, where my location doesn't get updated so I have to kill & relaunch the app. My wife updated her 7 from 10 to 11 and has suffered from extreme slowness and battery drain.

This is not stellar.


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
Part of it could be because of the perfectly serviceable devices that cannot be updated to iOS 11, my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 included.

EDIT: It seems some have taken my post to be a complaint about some devices not getting iOS 11 and it creating their forced obsolescence. That was not what I was saying. My meaning was that Apple devices have a long life and continue to be used, even though they cannot have the latest OS.
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Aug 30, 2015
Long Beach, California
Part of it could be because of the perfectly serviceable devices that cannot be updated to iOS 11, my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 included.
That's not "perfectly serviceable". Are you kidding me? Your iPhone is 5 years old, the processor is slow as balls. iOS 11 lags on the iPhone 6, it wouldn't be usable on the iPhone 5. And don't even think about blaming Apple or claiming "planned obsolesce", I challenge you to find a phone that will receive updates for as many years as your iPhone 5 did.


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Oct 3, 2017
I'm not upgrading because of control center not turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That decision is completely bad and I'm waiting for them to fix it. I don't have a watch or anything that needs Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but I do want to turn it off to save battery usage and say check google maps in the car well it still has a very poor connection to the house... Because I'm not upgrading that means that my wife's phone will not get upgraded as well.


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Mar 2, 2007
I assume there's a good chunk of folks waiting for the iPhone X, and there isn't an urgent need to update knowing they'll have their current phone for only a few more weeks*

*realizing now, even with pre-orders, it might be a while before Apple catches up with demand.

Side note: Still sport'n an iPhone 6 ... going on 3+ years ... while the battery life has fallen, and general updating has slowed aspects of the phone, I'm impressed with how well it's been doing with iOS 11!


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Oct 17, 2014
I would update, but I'm waiting for the return of the 3D Touch multitasking shortcut before I do so. I refuse to update without this feature.
The slower adoption (compared to 10) could be due to the fact that 32 bit apps won't work with iOS 11.
Both are reasons I'm sticking with iOS 10 on my iPhone 6s+. Planning to keep running it until I upgrade my device next year and go to iOS 12.


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Jan 21, 2016
SF Bay Area, California
iOS 11 has degraded the performance of my iPhone and iPad. While I like the new features and am looking to using them on a new phone I will buy later this fall, they have not benefited me on my current 2015-16 devices, they have only slowed them down.


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Aug 19, 2009

It's not clear why iOS 11 adoption is lagging so far behind iOS 10 adoption. The most recent iOS 11.0.2 update, for example, fixes an issue that caused some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models to emit a crackling sound from the earpiece during phone calls.

I tell you : battery drain and bugs. ios 10 was so much better
Plus Wifi and bluetooth not completely disabled from control center?
Not a smart move!
Watch iOS 4 is even worse : why did I update, why?!!!
I forgot to add iTunes 12.7 to the list of recent disasters by Apple :(


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Aug 3, 2000
Chicago, IL
so, you have articles suggesting a person wait before installing iOS 11 because of the new file system, the fact that Fusion drives are not yet supported in High Sierra, along with a host of other issues and NOW you ask why the install base is slower that last year. Too much has changed for immediate adoption and anything that suggests that you should plays loose with the Apple customer base. Apple can nag all it wants to but until Fusion drives are supported it is a big NO for installing.


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Sep 24, 2009
It's not clear why?? Seriously? Guess you don't have an older device then!! No one is updating cos it's ruining every device below 7. iPhone 6 here updated, slowed everything down, buggy, jumpy apps and transitions, 11 of my favourite old apps got deleted or didn't start. And my battery was down from 90% to 50% in about 2 hours. (Shut up about indexing - it's not that, stop being stupid) after 2 days I downgraded again. Back on 10.3.3 now and my phone is perfect!! PERFECT! Battery lasts ALL day long. Apple sucks now. Period
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