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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has posted the first stats for iOS 13 adoption since its launch on September 19th for iPhone.


Apple shared the statistics on the App Store Developers page which was updated today. Apple reports that iOS 13 is installed on 55% of all iPhones introduced in the past four years, and 50% of all iPhone devices, as measured by App Store activity. The pace puts iOS 13 approximately on par with iOS 12 adoption last year which hit 53% of active devices in a slightly shorter timeframe and a different device breakdown.

This year, Apple has broken down the stats between both iOS 13 and iPadOS which were launched at different times this year. According to Apple, 41% of iPads from the past four years have upgraded to iPadOS, while 33% of all active iPads are on iPadOS.

Meanwhile, here on MacRumors, our analytics show an 84% iOS 13 adoption by our visitors on the same day that Apple measured -- October 15th.

Article Link: iOS 13 Now Installed on 55% of iPhones Introduced in Last Four Years


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Aug 19, 2009
And 55% regret it the moment they did.

.. and 99% regrets TvOs13 pushed to the Apple Tv with "automatic update" off: I'm sure Tim Cook is happy and maybe 2 or 3 others at Apple headquarters.

After all I read I really DIDN"t want to update, but few days ago starting the :apple:TV, it was already proceeding to update it and my is off since ever!
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Nov 10, 2016
Just curious, how was she forced? Auto update is a user option, right? And why exactly is she angry and especially super-angry? What problem(s) has she actually encountered?
Thanks for sharing.
And I am not really a newbie, having visited this site (this name and a much older one) many, many times—I just haven’t posted very often since my reaction or comment had usually already been posted by others. This one concerned me enough to post.
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