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Mar 6, 2017
I hope you can help, I just bought a HomePod mini and it does not seem to work so far :(
Btw, I updated it to 14.3, so as my iPhone.
—> Whenever I ask Siri to play a song or an artist I get the error message « Sorry, I couldn’t find ....... on Apple Music »
I am talking about songs that I bought in iTunes and are in my Music library...
The very same Siri requests work on my iPhone!
Furthermore, if I just tap on the HomePod Mini, it starts playing random songs from that very library...!

I tried unplugging and reconnecting the HomePod Mini but it does change anything.

I looked at various settings in the « Home » app on the phone, but so far nothing works and I am very disappointed.



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May 27, 2008
siri on the HomePod sometimes seems like she's been sitting in the corner eating paste.
sometimes things just stop working for a while and come back on their own.

Try rebooting your router, the HomePod is really picky with wifi.

if that doesn't help, reset your HomePod to default, and set up again
sometimes with upgrades, the hompod doesn't do so well, setting it up again, can sort it out.
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Mar 6, 2017
Thanks waw74!
I did a reset and reconfigured the HomePod Mini, but the issue is still there.
But I dug deeper and found that this is a bug or malfunction linked to the HomePod mini Siri.
It seems I can ask it to play an artist, but not a song.
For example, in my library, I have only one song by Stevie Wonder: Surperstiton.
If I ask “Hey Siri, can you play Superstition by Stevie Wonder?” I get the answer: “Sorry, I couldn’t find Superstition by Stevie Wonder on Apple Music”.
Then if I ask “Hey Siri, can you play Stevie Wonder?” I get “now playing Stevie Wonder” and ... it starts playing Superstition!!

Same behavior with several other artists/songs.
All purchased in iTunes and in my library...

For me it sounds like a bug, and I found other similar testimonies on the net...

I am confused !
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