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Mar 29, 2024
Hey everyone,

I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 17.4.1 and encountered some unexpected issues with certain websites and apps. It seems like I'm not alone in this, as I've seen several reports across various forums and social media platforms.

One of the most notable issues I've experienced is with browsing websites like social websites and garden and home improvement websites While the app itself seems to be working fine, when trying to access Facebook through Safari, I'm encountering strange loading errors. It's frustrating because I rely on the browser version for certain features that the app doesn't offer.

Moreover, I've noticed that some third-party apps from the App Store are also behaving oddly. For instance, when trying to download a game or any app, the app crashes intermittently or displays error messages. This is particularly inconvenient, especially when I'm in a rush and need to get somewhere quickly.

To see if others are facing similar problems, I visited the MacRumors forums, a reliable source for troubleshooting iOS issues. However, to my dismay, even accessing this forum has become a challenge. The connection seems to be unstable, with pages taking longer to load or sometimes not loading at all.

I've tried troubleshooting by clearing cache and cookies, restarting my device, and even resetting network settings, but none of these solutions seem to resolve the issues. It appears that the problem lies with the iOS update itself.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has encountered similar issues after updating to iOS 17.4.1. If so, have you found any workarounds or solutions? It's frustrating to deal with these issues, especially when we rely so heavily on our devices for everyday tasks.

Let's share our experiences and hopefully find a resolution together.

Reverend Benny

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Apr 28, 2017
What apps that can affect the network have you installed?

  1. VPN software, AD blockers, antimalware/antivirus etc?
  2. Are the phone managed via some MDM software (intune, Jamf etc)?
  3. What phone are you using?
  4. Are these issues more common when you are connected to the cellular network or Wi-FI?
  5. Have you tweaked your Safari Settings? (experimental settings).
  6. Whats your experience if you use other webbrowsers? (firefox, brave etc?)
  7. Can you see some similarities to the others that are having these issues, same cellular provider? Same country? Same phone model?

I have 3 phones myself (11, 13pro and 14) and one iPad Pro 11 (m1) and haven't seen any of these issues. On top of that I manage around +1400 phones at work where around +1000 (last i checked) are running iOS 17.4.1 with no reports of these type of issues.


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Apr 2, 2024
I’ve been having similar problems with my iPhone 14 pro max that I upgraded to ios 17.4.1 too. My Yahoo Fantasy app, facebook and Twitter all struggle to load the most. Some of my food apps take forever to load now. There are times where I try making searches and safari won’t load the webpage. I have to keep connecting and disconnecting my internet. I’ve tried factory resetting network settings and it works temporarily. I do a speed test and my speeds are still fine. I have an iPhone 12 that I use for work and didn’t upgrade that and it seems to be working fine and my pro max was working fine before the upgrade with loading everything so it definitely must be a ios 17.4.1 bug


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Apr 6, 2021
I have a 15 Pro Max and am experiencing the same exact issues. Seems like this might be a bug that might only effects certain models?


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Feb 27, 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I visited the Apple Store today explained all my tries to have the issues resolved. They did a diagnostic check on the phone with their tools and with all 5 tries, the phone did not finish the test and hang at something like 60% on cellular connectivity diagnostics.

They replaced the motherboard, case, battery, back glass - basically entire thing, except the display. a total of 660 EUR of parts at no cost, as I'm covered with the Netherlands Consumer Warranty (Apple warranty in the Netherlands is 1 year, phone is 1.5 year old)

So as I'm restoring the phone, I just wanted to let everyone know that this issue was legitimate and everyone experiencing these should visit the Apple Store.
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