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Apr 12, 2001

In Apple's iOS 17 beta, two new "British" Siri voices have been discovered that can be selected from the Settings app by going to ‌Siri‌ & Search and then selecting ‌Siri‌ Voice. The new voices are the third and fourth options, which join the original two "British" ‌Siri‌ voices.


The two new "British" voices, which sound more natural than the existing two, are the only voices that have so far been added to iOS 17. It's not clear whether they were added in the third beta, or if they were included in previous betas, but they were uncovered prior to the latest updated third beta by MacRumors forum member MegaBlue.

In iOS 17, other Siri updates include an option to drop "Hey" from the "Hey Siri" invocation, the ability to get Siri to read web articles to you out loud, and the ability to interrupt ‌Siri‌ and make back-to-back requests without reactivation.

(Thanks, Jack!)

Article Link: iOS 17 Beta Adds Two New Siri Voices for British Users
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Oct 4, 2008
I wonder whether they will tie this into the AI-generated voice reproduction feature to let a loved one (or yourself) become the voice of Siri


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May 14, 2012
Found that certain words were not pronounced correctly or even completely under the British voices.
Over the years I settled on Indian voice 2 as the most articulate.


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Mar 1, 2018
Ooo I'll try them out. I've been using the american voices as I found they sounded so much better than british siri
Same here. I hate the sound of the British Siris. They're default here in the UK, but I've got all my devices on American Voice 1. It just sounds much more natural.

Though saying things... like "Oregano" in the American way, he doesn't understand me - but will say them back to me - can get a little confusing 😄


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Sep 8, 2018
Some countries have the luxury of having multiple spoken voices to choose from, and some countries still don't have one after all these years since Siri launched. I understand, 10.5 million people in the Czech Republic is still not enough for Apple.


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May 24, 2006
They're just regional. #3 is ever so slightly Northern, and #4 is east/south London -- "choose the voice you'd laaaak me to use" gives it away.
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Nov 28, 2013
They're just regional. #3 is ever so slightly Northern, and #4 is east/south London -- "choose the voice you'd laaaak me to use" gives it away.
Not East enough for me. I want a cockney twang.

I'll give it a few days as, as was mentioned above by Vundu, it does sound less robotic than voice 2, but voice 2 was very clear and sounded ok to me.
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