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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's upcoming iOS 17 update for the iPhone will include improvements across several apps and features, including Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Apple is expected to preview iOS 17 during its WWDC keynote on June 5, and the update should be released to all users in September.


In a report today, Gurman said the Wallet app in particular will have "significant changes," but he did not provide specific details. He added that Apple is planning location services enhancements for the Find My app, without elaborating further.

Apple is also working on upgrades to its SharePlay feature for watching content with family and friends over a FaceTime call, and improvements to its wireless streaming protocol AirPlay. Gurman said Apple has been in discussions with hotels and other venues in an attempt to make it easier to AirPlay content to TVs/devices they do not own.

Article Link: iOS 17 Said to Feature Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay Upgrades
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Jun 21, 2004
Gotta say Find My is an unappreciated feature!
I was at a friend's graduation ceremony a few days ago and got a phone alert that an AirPod was missing. Followed the map in Find My to the Bag Check area where it had fallen loose while my bag was being checked, and the security guard handed it over as soon as he saw me wandering around looking at the Find My map :)


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Mar 25, 2008
Has anyone ever used SharePlay? I feel like every year they add useless stuff and ignore the things that are in dire need of attention.
Yes! I played some music with my Nephew while he was at his house. Was a lot of fun!


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Dec 17, 2014
Hoping for a better Airplay experience, the actual music streaming works great, but the speaker / zone selection and volume controls in the iOS Music App are so bad. I currently use AirPlay as the backbone of my whole house audio with multiple Airport Expresses / standalone amps and ATVs. I would love to set a HomePod as the default device to send music from. I rarely stream directly from phone for battery reasons. My phone acts more or less as a remote for the HomePod. Hope they can figure it out a better solution.
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