iOS Safari Reading List not saving links


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Apr 5, 2008
Joshua Tree, California
I use the Safari Reading List frequently, on both iOS and macOS. When I save a link to Reading List in Safari in macOS, it saves with no issues, and the links also show up in iOS Safari as well. However when I save a link to Safari Reading List in iOS, it only saves to that iOS Reading List. Also, if I save a link to Reading List on my iPhone 6s Plus, it won't appear in the Reading List on my iPad Pro, and vice versa.

I first noticed this when I was saving news articles from Twitter feeds in Tweetbot 4. Tweetbot 4 has a feature where you can press on the article, and a blue menu bar appears below the tweet, and you can save the tweet to the Safari Reading List directly. You can also save the tweets by opening the link in the tweet, then choosing the save to Reading List icon at the top of the embedded Safari browser. But now neither option will save to the Safari Reading List, on either the Mac OS version, or the iOS version (Tapbots, Tweetbot's developer, thinks this is an iOS bug).

I wanted to see if the same problem occured elsewhere, so I set up an IFTTT trigger to save subreddits to my Safari Reading List. I had used this previously - but had deactivated it. The new IFTTT trigger had the same problem. But it would save the subreddits to the macOS Safari Reading List only - not the iOS one.

Has has anyone else experienced this problem?

iPad Pro, iOS 10, 12.9 inch, Wi-fi & cellular


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Jun 17, 2011
I ma having this problem. I use the reading list all the time. ever since iOS 10, It hasn't been saving links that I like on Twitter using IFTTT. It is rather frustrating. It works when I use the share sheet, but thats it.


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Jun 22, 2010
I'm having this issue as well! Didn't realize this was happening until now and have tried turning iCloud safari bookmark syncing off and on on both my iPhone and Mac which only deleted my recently added reading list articles from my iPhone with the 'master list' from my Mac.