iOS10 Music App: Perpetual Play Annoyance

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by mispeled, Oct 11, 2016.

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    Oct 17, 2013
    Never been a big fan of the Music App on the iPhone; for years now I've kept my music separate on my trusty old iPod or Nano. But I've ventured into the idea of having one device instead of lugging around multiple devices, and loaded up my iPhone 6S with music from my iTunes library - not downloading from the cloud, not music matching; just plain ol' copy files over and manage music manually.

    Here's what I hate, though. Before iOS 10's new app, if I played an album, and I wanted to stop using my iPhone to play music, I could pick a single song by a single artist - to be specific, "Woke up this Morning" by A3, the only song by that name by that artist on my phone. So here's what I would do; play an album. Get tired of listening to the album. Pause the album. Find the A3 song, press play, scrub through to the end, and then the music player would stop playing music and hang out, waiting to be activated again to play music.

    Now, with the new app, if I play a song, or an album, or a playlist - anything - when I scrub to the end of the song or album or playlist, it will remain there, suspended, permanently waiting to start playing again. On the lock screen, there's the song I stopped listening to three days ago, all set to be played again. If I push the button on my headphones to bring up SIRI, music starts playing. If I open up the Music app, there, blocking a small portion of the bottom of the screen, is the song or album waiting to be played again. I don't want to play it. I just played it. I played it, took it out of the player, put it in its case, and put it away on the shelf. But the iPhone Music App won't let me stop staring at it.

    What I have discovered is that if I shut down the phone entirely and restart it, that will clear away the music waiting to be played again. But surely there is a way to do this without shutting down the phone entirely? there not. Is there a response to this thread that tells me to just deal with it? To ask me why I want to do it? To explain to me that this is the way the app is set up? Those are all helpful and I thank anyone for responding. Though I will say thank you and continue to wait for the person who tells me to do steps one, two, and three, and that will clear away the perpetual play annoyance. Are you that person? (I will also listen to the person who tells me to use Better Music App From Store "X" where x=Marvis or something like that).

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    If you force close it via multitasking it goes away. I don't like it either, not only do you always not want to go back to what you've just previously listened to, but if you're going to just queue a bunch of stuff up, you might want to start fresh.

    It's also used to be a visual cue that nothing was playing.

    I don't have the problem where it sticks on my lock screen though.
  3. bluespark macrumors 65816

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    This drives me crazy as well. The old behavior was much better.

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