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Feb 25, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand
I am waiting for new iPad mini update for a while. I was a fan of size since 1st iPad mini and currently iPad mini 4. I don't like the large iPad since it is too heavy for one hand use and bulky to put in my sling bag!

I might wait for review before pulling the trigger for sure. Apple Watch 7 is next on my list since my Apple Watch 2 battery start to act strange...


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Jan 6, 2002
I would be very tempted if the price was right. I wonder if this will be priced between the $329 iPad and the $599 iPad Air.


Jul 31, 2011
I would be very tempted if the price was right. I wonder if this will be priced between the $329 iPad and the $599 iPad Air.
Hopefully, the only difference between the mini and the pro models is the screen size. If so, they should all be the same price.
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Feb 22, 2009
Love my 12.9 Pro and I wouldn’t personally change from that size, but I would love to see Apple do a mini pro with a magic keyboard, the keyboard would be a bit small but it would be a fantastic little device.
Me too! I love my 12.9 as well but the mini is also a buy for me. Best two sizes for ALL my needs!


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May 13, 2020
With an updated design and tech, it will easily be a day 1 purchase for me. I prefer, and own, the large Pro devices Apple makes, as they fit my stature and needs better, while providing more power to help me be productive when doing a lot of my creative heavy lifting. (iPhone ProMax, 27 iMac Pro, 16 MacBook Pro, 12.9 iPad Pro) But, the iPad Mini is a killer consumption device for me, and is my overall favorite device. Its role for me is the "fun" product, it goes everywhere I go, and does one thing for me, and does it perfectly. For me, it's the perfect size for reading, surfing the web, watching movies, and using as a mobile media center. It reminds me of the iPod in the ways I use it, and the sentimental-psychology of that is extremely powerful. Its just FUN! I personally dont care if it comes in a "Pro" variant, or not, as long as it stays roughly the same size (in between 7.5 - 9")


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Dec 16, 2020
There was a time when the iPad Air and Mini were the same tablet only differentiated by screen size. They broke that parallel track when they introduced the Air 2 and the Mini 3 was simply a re-packaged Mini 2 with Touch-ID. Ever since then the Mini has lagged well behind the performance of the lager iPad Air. Even today, an Air 2 is still a usable tablet. My Daughter still uses her's daily. The Mini 3 is a frustratingly slow piece of garbage. Even the Mini 4 and 5 are quickly aging out from a performance standpoint while the regular iPads from that generation are greatly more usable. It would be great if they got in sync so you could gauge by generation what the performance and capabilities were and not be forced to compromise just to get a more manageable form factor.


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Jun 22, 2011
What’s the main point tho, the iPhones are big and the mini is to small for a tablet
the iPhone 12 Pro max screen is only 6.7 inches diagonal.
The current iPad mini screen is 7.9 inches.
Most rumors expect the mini screen to grow by about an inch.

The phone will not be close. also many of us don't want to carry around such a large phone all the time. The iPad is less likely to be a daily carry device.


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Feb 21, 2011
I would be very tempted if the price was right. I wonder if this will be priced between the $329 iPad and the $599 iPad Air.
When the iPad Air received a redesign, the price increased from $499 to $599 (starting price). I don't expect any different with the redesigned iPad mini 6. Expect it to sell for a starting price of $499.


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Sep 29, 2020
Would love this before the end of the year, but this feels like quite a sketchy rumour. Would expect something more concrete if we were just a few months away from announcement?
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Jun 11, 2009
Personally I'd prefer a smaller package overall with the same size screen, but oh well, at least it will still fit into my back pocket. With all those upgrades it's going to be expensive, I'm guessing from the ip5/64gb of 399 it will go up 100-150, but they may soften that a bit with a higher memory tier. 549 for a base 128gb/wifi is my prediction, this way it's still a tad under a base iPad air.

I'm actually the most excited for the smart connector, hopefully that means a good keyboard/kickstand accessory. For the life of me I still don't understand why anyone would make a tablet without a kickstand.
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