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Dec 1, 2017
So I had an old iPad pro that after a few months of having it, it would start making the charging sound when not charging. It went for a long time, and then had some problems in which, when my iPad ran out of battery, i wouldnt be able to turn it back on. I would have to repeatedly press the power, and volume button until it would finally turn on. I had my iPad changed. Now my new iPad is doing the same thing with the charging sound. I don’t have a warranty anymore so I’m scared that my iPad won’t work anymore.

i used a UAG case on both iPads and I found somewhere online that the magnets that these cases have damage the battery, might this be the case?

Thank You


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Oct 1, 2016
My iPad used to be randomly making the charging sound whenever the magnet on my ASK got near it, but this seems to have been fixed in one of the last few Beta software updates.
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