iPad Pro's bending issue (merged)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Finfin, Nov 9, 2018.

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    People always have to find something to nit pick and complain about IMO if no one brought this up no one would have ever paid any attention to it. If it doesn’t affect usability performance or how you hold the device then who cares
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    WoW so many warped / bent ipads in this thread. These iPad Pro chassis are basically not fit for purpose. I do need a new ipad but never paying premium prices for a product like this.
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    Jan 24, 2019
    All cellular iPads have a slight curve on the top, and on the bottom. The slight curve should only be on the edge where the speakers are. My iPad has a slight bend, it still lays perfectly flat. I can only see the bend if I closely examine the edge or by lookin straight down the edge. Normal handling and this bend just blends in, and totally goes unnoticed.

    If you have a bend that goes from the top to bottom of body on the sides, then I’d return it.
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    Here is mine, I feel lucky after seeing some of the bent iPads in this thread. Mine has slight bend only on the top and bottom edge where the body separates due to being cellular model. You gotta look for it though.

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    Well, according to the hardcore apple white knights present, thats not true. None of them are bent and its just apple hater making up stories.

    Hell, im surprised that they are not claiming that all these photos are photoshopped.
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    My 11" model has bent slightly but I have found that Applying small pressure in the opposite direction to the bend will most likely correct this issue. Give it a shot - It has cured my OCD!
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    Jan 24, 2019
    Where is your bend? Where the Cellular band is at on the top and bottom edge where the speakers are?
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    Guess ...
    Please introduce me to your dealer.

    That stuff is clearly potent.

    “Who cares” about paying close to a grand for a new iPad “Pro” only to have it bend?

    Well, I for one and many others do (care.) Hence me returning mine.

    It’s because of fools like you that Apple gets away with things like this.

    You’re probably also one of the rose tinted glasses mob who defended them about throttle batteries, without informing their consumers.

    A fool and his money are easily parted ...
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    I suffer with OCD, which controls my life.

    Therefore, please don’t blame a debilitating illness/condition for a patent oversight on these so called genius designers.

    They messed up.

    Plain and simple.
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    Like you, I also need a new iPad.

    I bought an 11”, but returned it because of the bending issue.

    I take care of my stuff, but I’m not prepared to spend so much money on a device when there is has a high chance of bending past the two week stage, then I’m either stuck with it or end up in the Apple exchange game.

    This issue will without doubt be addressed in the next refresh.

    Further more, I actually find them ugly. The 10.5 design was not only far sturdier, but also more comfortable to hold and more aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion.)
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    How is this bent ? Really ? I do not see any bent in this ? Or must be My Vision is Poor !!
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    Went to the Apple store (Sydney, Aus) to see a "genius" today. They refused to replace it and maintained that it looked like it was done after manufacture! I asked if they had seen the complaints online and they said there is supposed to be a curve along the short edge where the cellular antenna is. I tried to argue that surely enough force to bend it this much would have damaged the glass.no luck. Can't say I'm surprised with this attitude but I will call support and escalating. A mate used to work for support so I know that the decision is simply a judgement call (even if it's an exception that is made). Keep you posted :)
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    Brisbane Australia
    I had the same happen to me a while back when the reports started about bending issue, mine was just after the 14 days when I checked it. Apple store local to me refused it, saying it was bent after manufacture.
    I escalated the issue and it was swapped for a new model at another store. New one still straight, although I baby it like I've never babied another iPad.
    Good luck
  11. ascender, Jan 31, 2019
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    That latest picture is nuts, its clearly bent like a banana!

    To those who are posting pictures asking if their iPads are bent because they can't tell, does that not really suggest they're probably not bent and are within acceptable tolerances?
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    May 24, 2018
    I have an iPad 11. It is not bent. Clearly some on here are as they are so bent it is obvious. I think the true test is to lay your iPad face down on a flat surface. I believe that is much more reliable than trying to eyeball it by looking down the side. If it's bent, it will clearly show when you lay it face down on a flat surface (granite countertop etc.).
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    Never mind

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    Until the time it’s yours that is warped or bent
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    I wish I could upvote this more than once.

    I really don't get how people lose their connection to reality when is about defending a damned corporation/brand.

    What the hell is wrong with all of you?
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    It’s not
    It’s really not bent. The difference in tolerances from one end to the other are incredibly minimal. You can’t even see it really.

    This whole bent iPad thing is bogus lol.
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    I was at my local Apple store yesterday again and the two 11" iPad Pro's (Wi-Fi only) on display there were visibly bent from the point where the antenna line would be on the cellular version.

    This has nothing to do with tolerances, it's just a flawed design. The fact that they are happy to still peddle this as a product that meets their quality standards is bizarre.
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    Pictures don't prove a thing, for it might just be (Barrel, Pincushion, or Mustache) distortion that the camera lens makes when snapping a picture.
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    Explaining things away does not make things go away. It is already established in a lot of news media that the bend problem is real. You seem a little late to the party.
  20. neomorpheus, Feb 1, 2019
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    No, Apple white knights are always on time and on the clock!

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    Did you get that replaced?
  22. ADGrant macrumors member

    Mar 26, 2018
    I would not. It's way too fragile to be useful as a laptop replacement and way to expensive not to be useful as a laptop replacement.
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    On the other hand, calling another member a fool and implying they are a drug addict because they have a different opinion - that’s perfectly fine. That’s a post you wish you could upvote more than once.
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    Sure, what ever makes you feel better about defending poor apple.
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    Because insulting people and calling them drug addicts is ok if you really dislike poor Apple.


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