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iPhone iPhone 5S/9.3.2 Shutting down by itself


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Jun 18, 2015
Bogotá, Colombia
I wanna start by saying that i usually don't like to bother anyone creating these threads, but this kind of behavior has never happened to me before, and i'd like to hear everything you guys can tell me about it.

Here goes the case:
Last night, i was hanging out with some friends and then we started to take photos. I then took 3 with my 5S using ProCam 3 on its latest update (i updated it 2 says ago) and used the in-app gallery to review the third one (you know, i case we had to repeat it). After a few seconds, the screen went completely dark. I was concerned for two secons 'till the loading indicator showed up (when it's supposedly saving RAM data on the disk):I understood that it was shutting down.
And of course battery has died in in front of my eyes before. The reason behind my concern was that even though i didn't exactly remembered how much battery i had left at the moment, i hadn't seen any "20% battery left" warnings.
The only way to know for sure is turning the phone on again, right? To my surprise, it booted up normally, not showing the 'battery/connect to power' icon i was expecting. Battery level when the sprinboard showed up:30%

(I'd like to note that i calibrated the battery 3 weeks ago and both the indicator and percentage are working properly)

Weird, left me worried, but i put the phone away got distracted. 30 mins later i used Safari actively browse a lot of sites. 15 mins later, it shut down by itself again. This time i saw the 'battery/connect to power' icon when trying to turn it on again, so i was releived, then left the phone on top of a backpack.

15 minutes later, i was sitting away from the phone when a friend said "Dude i'm gonna check what time is it on your phone", then quickly grabbed it. I kept shut, knowing that he would realize it was out of juice. I was able to see the whole phone from where i was:first he pressed the home button, obviously didn't work, then he pressed the power button, also not working. Then he kept it pressed, and to my surprise, the phone booted up.

That's the moment i went "What the hell?", because i've had iPhone devices since 2010 and, me at least, have NEVER been able to boot the device after it says it's out juice and doesn't turn on (without plugging it to the power). If there's a method, if t sometimes happens, i'm completely ignorant to it. But God knows i've tried! Battery level when the sprinboard showed up:15%

Okay, so maybe it squeezed some power from somewhere, right?
Well...I came home at 3am, didn't plug the phone anywhere, went to sleep. The phone didn't die through the night. I woke up at 10am, it was at 10%, i used it A LOT to check my social networks and sites 'till it fell to 1% (in about 15-20 mins of active use, this is normal behavior and drain for what i did).
I decided to finally kill the battery by playing a Youtube Video 720p Highest Brightness. The video was 2:15 long, it played up to 2:00, then finally died...So i'm not really sure it 'Squeezed' anything.

I'd love to hear what you think. Also, i'm sorry for how unnecessarily long and dramatic this was.
Who's to blame here? iOS? Hardware? Has this happened to anyone else? (Except the similar iPhone 6 Post, but as it was under different circumstances and a different device i created a new one)

Thank you all in advance


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May 29, 2016
Not exactly the same experience, just trying to increase knowledge that this update is doing terrible things to people's devices. In my case, iPhone 6 bricked while doing update OTA.
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