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    Jul 10, 2017
    Hi, So two days ago I dropped my iPhone 5s (with otterbox case) in water, I immediately picked it up ran inside and dried the phone any way I could, for a while the phone said that the headphones were plugged in and the mic would only work with the headphones plugged in, then the next day it was working 100% perfectly, it has now been nearly a whole 48 hours since I dropped the phone in the water and suddenly the phone has become unresponsive. I was at my desk on my computer, I went to use my phone which was working perfectly up until then but now the phone won't turn on when I press the home button or the power button, at first I thought it was dead so I tried charging it, usually if the phone is dead and you plug it in you'd get the battery on the screen showing the phones charge, I got nothing. So I tried calling it on a friends phone, My friend's phone made the ringing sound to say that my phone was ringing but it was still unresponsive. No ring, No vibration (I have vibrate turned on always), and the screen did not light up. I have left the phone charging for now just to be sure. I really need help, I don't have the money to go out and buy a new phone so I have to make this phone last. Please Please help!
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    You could open the phone and check for signs of corrosion, residual moisture, and loose connections.

    If everything seems fine, clean the parts with isopropyl alcohol (try to use 99%), put the pieces into a plastic bag with desiccant overnight, reassemble, and test.

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