iPhone 6s Plus Very Difficult to Bend in New Bend Test Video


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Apr 12, 2001

Last year, iPhone 6 Plus users began noticing that their phones were bent after carrying the devices in their pockets for a few days. The issue, known as "BendGate", became widespread after a video test revealed that it didn't take much pressure for the 6 Plus to bend near the volume buttons. Apple strengthened the weaker points of the 6s Plus and added a new, stronger 7000 series aluminum to the device. Today, YouTube channel FoneFox subjected the iPhone 6s Plus to a bend test to see if Apple's improvements help.

In the video, the phone is given the same bend test it was given a year ago. FoneFox's Christian simply wraps his hands around the device and attempts to bend it in the middle. While the phone starts to bend under more and more pressure it snaps back to its normal shape once the test is over. Christian notes that he can feel his thumb sink into the back of the device, but that the phone doesn't stay bent.

FoneFox then adds a second person to the test, getting each person to pull one side of the phone. In this situation, the iPhone 6s Plus does bend. However, FoneFox notes that the pressure exerted with two people is unlikely to occur in situations where the phone is in a user's pocket.

For comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus bent in just a couple seconds in the original bend test video, available to watch below.

Article Link: iPhone 6s Plus Very Difficult to Bend in New Bend Test Video
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May 16, 2015
Oh, OK.
Should I buy a piece of metal and stick it at the back of my iPhone to prevent Bendgate happen?


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May 17, 2010
+1. These YouTube whores make me sad.
Regardless of what they earn from the clicks (and hey, they've invested time and the price of a new iPhone in this, so best of luck to them!) the videos do serve a useful purpose. They show clearly that Apple has strengthened the 6S phones significantly over the previous models. I think that's useful to know.


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May 2, 2002
The original 6 and Plus remained intact functional after higher pressure was applied, far better then competing phones, which would also bend, but additionally cracked or bricked.

Now that the iPhone is even stronger, I wonder how the competition stacks up.

(Funny how a phrase like "people began to notice bending in their pockets" can refer to somewhere between 1 and 2 people... and then a year went by and there was no great rash of such complaints. Almost as though the device never WAS particularly weak compared to everything else...)
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