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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's widely rumored high-end iPhone with an OLED display is expected to cost upwards of $1,000, but UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes that a base 64GB model could start at $850 to $900 in the United States. That price point would be similar to Samsung's new Galaxy S8+, which starts at $840 to $850.


Milunovich said the flagship iPhone could start at under $1,000 as part of Apple's "mainstream luxury" pricing strategy. He also believes the 5.8-inch device will be competing at a screen size disadvantage compared to the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, leading him to predict Apple will adopt similar pricing as Samsung.

Milunovich thinks that a 256GB model could cost between $950 and $1,000, so the iPhone could very well be the first mainstream smartphone in the United States to have a four-digit price tag. He also predicted that the tentatively named iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will start at around $649 and $749 respectively.

An excerpt from Milunovich's latest research note obtained by MacRumors:
Contrary to some perceptions, Apple prices quite competitively. Apple likes to position its entry-level products at the mid-market with "Pro/Plus" products close to competitors at the high end. Therefore, we do not think Apple will stray far from the price point of Samsung's most expensive model at $840-850 and will keep the entry OLED model at $850-900. Apple's 256GB OLED model could be $950-1,000, but the 256GB 7 Plus already is $970.
The research note cites UBS Asia hardware analyst Arthur Hsieh, who estimates the factory cost of the tentatively named iPhone 8 could be $70 to $90 higher than the iPhone 7 Plus, which starts at $769. Milunovich's prices appear to be merely predictions based on this information, rather than inside sources.

In addition to an edge-to-edge OLED display with narrow bezels, the iPhone 8 is expected to resemble the Galaxy S8 in many ways, including wireless charging, no physical Home button, and potentially 3D facial recognition and/or iris scanning. Touch ID might be embedded in or under the True Tone display.

Milunovich maintains a "buy" rating for AAPL with a $151 price target. AAPL closed at an all-time high of $144.77 on Tuesday.

Article Link: iPhone 8 Predicted to Start at $850 to $900 for 64GB Model, $950 to $1,000 for 256GB Model


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Jun 13, 2016
Yeah, as predicted the pricing will still be $1000+ for the highest configuration (256GB Edition). It'll be interesting to see demand at a price point close to Samsung.


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Oct 5, 2008
After all the Mac Pro stuff today, Apple has leaked the prices of the new iPhones. This is nothing more than a control leak because people were freaking out that the new iPhone would cost way over $1,000.
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Feb 17, 2016
The prices are getting out of control.

What Apple really need is an entry level model that isn't the iPhone SE...

...probably an iPhone 6, but without the Touch Disease.


Sep 21, 2012
In the middle of several books.
I understand laptops being expensive. I expect to keep mine for multiple years. But if smartphones are supposed to be upgraded once a year, these prices are too much.
Who said smartphones are supposed to be upgraded every year? That notion is nothing more than advertising rheotoric by Apple, and all those who make a profit from one-a-year people.


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May 15, 2008
I understand laptops being expensive. I expect to keep mine for multiple years. But if smartphones are supposed to be upgraded once a year, these prices are too much.

I think a 2-3 year life span for a phone is acceptable. Every phone I've had has been 3-4 years. (minus the shattered screen on an iphone) So I don't think they are meant to be upgraded every year.
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