iPhone connect Bluetooth headset (including AirPods) lose signal

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  1. applefanisme, Jul 25, 2017
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    applefanisme macrumors newbie


    Jul 25, 2017
    As recently I bought a new iPhone SE using Bluetooth connect with my AirPods playing music is often intermittent, so with the new SE and old 5S and AirPods to the local Apple Store were detected, the result surprised me! The detection method is very simple, basically it is simulate the status of phone in your trouser pocket, if you have both AirPods and iPhone could have a try:

    Step 1: Confirmed the Bluetooth of your AirPods(or other Bluetooth headset)and your iPhone is matching.
    Step 2: Playing music through the Apple’s official music APP, then press the OFF button to turn off your screen.
    Step 3: Hold the top half of your iPhone, then drop your arm naturally. Free change of your hands or the screen face to.The example of holding iPhone as below:
    Attention1: Make sure your iPhone and Bluetooth headset have about one arm's distance
    Attention2: Make sure your palm and fingers are wrapped around the top half of your iPhone, especially the aerial position, such as the signal lines on either side of the top half of the 5S/SE
    Step 4: As follow I was mentioned above, try to walk around and stand still for a while. Because the abnormal signal problem is random and is probability. It doesn't appear at once is quite normal. You can try another hand, or change your arm to another position for free and keep that position for a little while. In addition, hands don’t need to grip too tightly. you can feel relax and then hold it again.

    Step 5: You'll find something magical.

    With the help of the geniuses of the Apple Store, we completed the following equipments test:
    AirPods(own) - iPhone SE (own) - YES
    AirPods(own) - iPhone SE (shop assistant) - YES
    AirPods(own) - iPhone 6S (shop assistant) - YES
    AirPods(own) - iPhone7 (shop assistant) - YES
    AirPods(shop assistant) - iPhone SE (own) - YES
    AirPods(shop assistant) - iPhone SE (shop assistant - YES
    AirPods(shop assistant) - iPhone 6S (shop assistant) - YES
    The original text is roughly translated as:
    Tested in Apple Store, customer play apple music with Bluetooth connecting iPhone and AirPods, holding the top of the device by hand, playing music intermittently. Changed other iPhone SE also have this problem. Mri test passed. Changed AirPods in the Apple Store, holding the top of the device by hand, playing music intermittently. Pairing AirPods of Apple Store and iPhone 6s of Apple Store, also holding the top of the device by hand, playing music intermittently as well.
    Solution:Service providers to solve
    Employee number: 973587727

    The problem can be summed up as:
    • Apple's AirPods matching most of models of iPhone have this problem, especially iPhone5s and iPhoneSE, really serious.
    • Some Bluetooth headsets and some iPhone compatibility issues possibility.
    • Possibly the performance of most models being sold of iPhone’s Bluetooth got some problem with that situation. (no test plus models)
    I also tested other Bluetooth devices, you can also try your Bluetooth devices.
    • BACKBEAT GO 2 - iPhone SE/5S (iOS10.3.2) -NO (in my pants pocket no happened, but cover the top of the phone, yes)
    • BACKBEAT GO 2 - Redmi note4x(Miui8) -NO (in my pants pocket no happened, but cover the top of the phone, yes)
    • B&W P7 wireless - iPhone SE -NO (I'm not going to wear this on the street of course)
    • AirPods - Apple Watch2 -NO (Never)
    • AirPods - MacBook Pro A1398 -NO (Never)
    • AirPods - Redmi note4x(Miui8) -NO (in my pants pocket no happened, but cover the top of the phone, yes)
    My story is:
    Finally I received the AirPods at the beginning of this year after 6 weeks waiting. But in daily use, when my iPhone 5s in my pants pocket, with the AirPods playing music, and walking on the street, always appear in random signal interruptions, and sometimes will continue for a period of time, it is difficult to endure. At first I suspected that there might be other device interference on the street, but it has the same problem in the Apple Store. Is that an excuse? Don’t I buy this earphone for use anytime and anywhere? Later, I suspected that Apple watch2 might be used at the same time, but after shutdown, the problem still exists. Then I bought a brand new iPhone SE and had the same problem. Crazy enough! I just remembered that my earliest device of iPhone 5s, because one time I covered top of my iPhone when it connecting Bluetooth speakers by chance, playing music happened this problem, then I go to the Apple Store to check, confirmed the existence of this problem by genius, but the genius found there is a slight deformation on the top of my iPhone, he can’t judge that’s the reason of it, so he agree to free replace a new equipment (iPhone 5s) for me. But after this equipment (iPhone 5s) was used for 2 years, the same problem happened after I bought the AirPods! So I seriously suspect that this generation of models(5s-SE) and AirPods matching have this problem. So I take with the new SE/ old 5s and AirPods to the local Apple Store have a check. The test result is more serious than I expected. It involved almost all commercially available models (Plus models didn’t tested).

    There are some interesting situations during the tests:
    • By testing multiple devices in Apple Store, sort by probability and severity: (occasionally) iPhone7>iPhone6s>iPhoneSE>iPhone5S (serious)
    • This problem hasn’t happened during I was testing in my room. But when I just walk downstairs, it begins. If I go outside and my iPhone is in my pocket, it happens. As so far I don’t understand...
    • Eliminating the 4G cellular network or wifi interference, shutting down each or shutting down all, or even pulling out the SIM card, this problem still exists!
    • It don’t matter which music APP that you used, no different! This problem still exists!

    At last:
    Mobile phone technology has developed for so many years, even just this signal can’t escape from my hand? Of course, no one will always block signal line by hand in daily use, this situation is more happened when your iPhone in your pants pocket. Do you have the same problem? AirPods or other Bluetooth earphones / headsets?

  2. calkenneth macrumors member

    Apr 27, 2015
    This is a good series of tests, and I experienced a lot of the same things with my iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. It was particularly bad with the iPhone 6. While sitting, and with the phone in my left pocket, I can, exactly as you said, put my hand over the phone, and the signal will cut out.

    That said, the iPhone 5s was much better - not bulletproof, but much better. I can get the signal to cut out if I'm in a crowded area with a lot of wireless signals and I put my hand over the phone.
  3. applefanisme thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 25, 2017
    Now I'm seriously questioning one of the famous apple ad. A guy is wearing AirPods on the street, dancing and enjoy the music, looks so~ enjoyed, but actually it is not!
  4. GertAgerholm macrumors newbie


    May 17, 2018
    One of my colleges had problems with his iPhone SE and the AirPods. Disabling the WiFi n the iPhone solved the problem

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