iPhone OS 4.1 Beta 2 is out (attached ScreenShot)


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Jun 16, 2008
Your arguments were refuTed pretty effectively already. Did you not see the posts or are you ignoring them? There's no reason the users should be blamed for installing an OS upgrade Apple made available. If the performance is acceptable then Apple should have tweaked iOS4 or restricted it completely like they did with 2G users.

Talking down to people isn't going to make your case stronger, by the way.
It doesn't need to be. I'm just going off of not only was told to us by the CEO of the company, but backing reports as well.

I agree that Apple should have added a note somewhere that states that iOS 4 would perform slow on an iPhone 3G. There is no doubting that. My point is that those that knew that, and upgraded to it anyway knew the risks of how the iPhone would perform. If slowness was to be expected, why complain about it being slow. Everyone who saw Jobs' keynote knew that and knew it would be. It's like having to be warned that a cup of hot coffee is hot.


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Aug 10, 2006
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What about the yellow pictures issue? Has it been fixed?
Yeah, I'm REALLY hoping this issue gets fixed. It seems to occur only under lowish-light conditions where the ambient light is primarily incandescent light. No problem outdoors or indoors with natural lighting. I took a bunch of photos in a restaurant last night and they were all unacceptably yellow. Touching up via the Photoshop app afterwards only goes so far toward fixing the pics.


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Mar 15, 2009
yeah, I guess I just don't get why everyone wouldn't have the issue.
Put the phone up to your ear and the proximity sensor kicks in and locks the screen. Move the phone even 1/4-1/2" up or down the side of your face and the screen will light up. The reason for this is simple - proximity sensor is too sensitive and thinks you have moved the phone from your face when it detects even the slightest change. This will need to be fixed in software.

Part of the problem stems from how people hold the phone to their ear and whether they move the phone, even slightly, while talking. We'll see Apple lowering the sensitivity of the proximity sensor in software. It's a new sensor design, so bugs will be fixed.


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Aug 20, 2010
that answers it for me...I give up

Called my home phone and tested for 5 minutes. Positioned the iPhone on my shoulder and the sensor went off and on repeatedly. I held the sensor next to my inner ear and it started doing the same thing again. It doesn't appear that the update fixed the proximity sensor. :(
I have already had my phone replaced and the replacement has the same issue. I love the phone, but I think they really goofed with the iphone 4. I have also had a lot of my colleagues tell me that my voice is irregular on the phone.

The 3GS was a really good phone. This proximity sensor issue is a serious matter...