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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's iPhone X made it into the top three best-selling smartphones in December 2017 "across all key regions," according to new data tracked by Kantar Worldpanel. Specifically, Apple's new iPhone X climbed best-selling charts in Europe, Japan, Australia, the United States, and China, where it was the top selling model during the holiday season this year.


Although iOS market share fell 0.5 percentage points in the U.S. during the October to December 2017 period (down to 43.9 percent), the researchers noted that iOS loyalty "reached a new high of 96 percent." Ultimately, Kantar argued that Apple's staggered release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X has been a "sound" strategy with multiple price points offering entry points for a wider variety of consumers and "boosting" Apple's smartphone OS share in these key markets.
"The full results for the last quarter of the year show that Apple's decision to release three new handsets over a staggered period, including the ultra high-end iPhone X, has been a sound one. With Apple's existing release structure, expectations would always be that the flagship model would be the top selling device in key developed markets, but with the premium price of iPhone X, real life affordability has come into play. Given that in December iPhone X made it into the top three best-selling devices across all key regions, particularly in urban China where it was the top selling model, the pricing strategy seems to have been vindicated."
In total, Apple's piece of the global smartphone OS market saw a percentage point increase across six markets in the three months ending December 2017. iOS market share climbed 0.5 percentage points in Spain and Japan, 0.7 in Europe, 1.2 in Australia, 2.5 in Germany, and 10.1 in China. Apple's growth in China has "continued to impress" Kantar, with the iOS smartphone sales share in China growing from 24.3 percent in September-November to 28.6 percent in October-December 2017.


Besides Apple, Kantar also discussed Samsung and the Android OS market share, noting Android's losses in a few markets (down 10.1 percentage points in China amid Apple's rise). The researchers pointed out that these losses were "cushioned" to an extent by the "rapid fall of Windows," which has a share now of under 1 percent in every market tracked by Kantar except Italy (1.9 percent).

With today's report from Kantar, this marks the final time we'll see smartphone OS market share data only focused on months in 2017. It should be interesting to see how Apple and iOS perform following the 2017 holidays and into the new year, amid ongoing reports in recent weeks focused on "weakened demand" and lowered production volume for the iPhone X in Q1 2018.

Article Link: iPhone X Was One of the Top Three Best-Selling Smartphones in December 2017 Across Five Markets


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May 3, 2009
Pent up excitement, leading up to the sale of the X, coupled with the 8 not being much better then 7 - makes sense. I'm generally happy with my X, though I wish Face ID was better.


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Oct 18, 2007
impressive diff from year to year, compared to android is multi brand, and iOS is one brand


Apr 22, 2011
I'm surprised iOS is doing so badly with our European neighbours across the Channel. Didn't think it'd be that bad tbh.

Only decent stat for Apple is China growth
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Jan 23, 2018
I regret my X purchase. Simply because I don't think it's worth the $1000. Face-ID is carp and don't work most time. It needs refinement.
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Jan 7, 2014
In between a rock and a hard place
X was top 3 in December but production is being cut in half do to weak demand? Something doesn’t pass the smell test.
You're conflating two different topics that shouldn't be mashed together. Future production is typically based on sales trends. Being in the top 3 in December does not mean sales were trending up. Hypothetically, the X could have sold more in November than December.


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm surprised iOS is doing so badly with our European neighbours across the Channel. Didn't think it'd be that bad tbh.

Only decent stat for Apple is China growth

Japan had some growth as well ... yet other than USA and China everywhere else has been single digit or even decimal point gains and losses.

Something about Apple's product markting (across the range) still feels "too USA" focused. I think TV/Web marketing should change to a more globally-local focus ... tell more of stories of joy, love, enjoyment and inclusion (life, family, friendships, community) in their future ads. They did great with banners before store openings in China ... but other than just opening stores ... what have they really done for Japan, UK, EUS, UAE, etc? Heck Canada doesn't get any ad focused or related to our way of life here ... then again we just mimic the USA.


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Sep 15, 2012
It's hard to believe some of these contradictory reports, with the Wall Street Journal stating that iPhone X production is down and now this. Someone is being an Apple shill or just feeding the bears.
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