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Oct 14, 2018
Yesterday I noticed that the battery health of my IPhone XS is at 97% already. When I checked the battery health just a little over a week ago my battery health still was at 100%. Is this even normal? I have my IPhone XS since launch day.

I’m on also on IOS version 12.01 right now. Even though I doubt IOS version has anything to do with it since battery health isn’t in beta anymore.

My IPhone 8 Plus still had 100% battery health when I gave it to my friend. I had the IPhone 8 Plus for about 11 months until I got the IPhone XS.

My Dad has the IPhone 8 Plus too and the battery health of his phone is also still at 100% when he had his phone for almost 1 year.

When I checked Twitter and Reddit a few other IPhone XS users also have the same problem with the battery health of their IPhone XS not being at 100% anymore.

Now I’m wondering if some people on here with the IPhone XS or IPhone XS MAX are texperiencing this too? Or Maybe even on a older model that was just recently bought.

I just think it’s a little strange. That’s why I started this thread in the first place.


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Oct 18, 2011
Launch day iPhone Max still reads 100%. Coconut Battery reads 3350 mah with 5 charge cycles already.


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Jun 15, 2011
Losing 3% so fast does warrant a thread I'd say.

No it doesn't. It's completely normal, and may even go up. Battery capacity will vary in the beginning. MOST batteries are over 100% from the factory, but Apple only shows 100% for a reason: so people don't freak out when daily checks are 102, 100, 101. 99, 102, 100, 101... it takes 15-20 cycles to level out and get a more accurate reading. If, after those 15-20 cycles, you're showing like 90%, then yeah have Apple look at it. But the warranty, I believe, only kicks in if it's under 80% in under a certain number of cycles. Otherwise it's considered perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. And people freaking out over a few percent here and there is the whole reason why Apple kept that measurement hidden for so long.
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