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    Now after reading a few of the threads i felt the need to weigh in on the subject. Now, i was very hesitant about buying the watch at first. I would constantly watch youtube videos, read blogs, articles, threads and all sorts of literature i could get my hands on. The debate raged in my brain. Finally i said why not try it for yourself. So i did. I bought one. And let me tell you it was worth it. Now at first i was a little disappointed about what i bought thinking it didn't do enough. After a day i was sold. It does what i felt it should do. It alerts me to work out. It sends me the notifications i allow. It looks great. The new nylon band doesn't make my wrist sweat. I like the challenge of trying to obtain the workout achievements. I just like it. When i read through some of the complaints, while i think everyone has a right to their own opinion remember this, at the end of the day its your money. Its your choice. Its your watch. No one will enjoy it for you so no one should ruin it for you. Plus, people saying they want it to do all sorts of stuff like...
    1. Phone calls- really? really? there is no way i would want to make a call and talk to my wrist. You thought the bluetooth head sets were the height of douchebaggery wait till your on the plane before take off and some ass makes his wrist call and yells his weekend of drinking and all the bros and dudes and other words to follow as he yells them into his wrist...his wrist...smh
    2. email reply- why? I've had my watch for awhile now and never not once said to myself, "Damn if i could only reply to this email from my F*#@!ing wrist life would be easier. Like a lot easier!" NO!
    3. needs a phone- now this is fun. people gripe about the requirement of a phone. yeah like your not glued to yours anyway. This is supposed to be, in my opinion, a compliment to the phone. Like a partner. Think Robin to your Batman. Is Robin necessary, no. Is he better than Batman, no. Is Robin good to have when you need him, yes. A partner. I used to find myself pulling my phone out every 13.7 seconds to see if i missed a like, or message, or sports update. I would feel the people around me just thinking geez he sure does look at his phone a lot. Victim of the phantom ring or vibrate. Now i just look at my wrist, but not a lot. I can easily dismiss notifications that i don't need to respond to. I can get a tap on the wrist and see that my team had won and then go right back to work. Again a compliment to the phone. And honestly would you rather have a watch and no phone? What is that you want the watch to do so you can get rid of your phone?
    4. fitness- i actually found this aspect quite surprising. I thought a notification about how lazy i am would get annoying, but it actually made me feel lazier. So i looked at my notification and said oh yeah you son of a bitch ill show you! And off i went. exercising away. now it has turned into a game. I push myself to get the achievements and the bonus is I'm becoming a healthier person.
    5. maps- ok this is one ill give to the negative column, barely. it does load pretty slow and it does frustrate me to the point where i just get out my phone. but i only need to do this when I'm out riding my bike or walking. if you are looking at your wrist for directions when your driving then maybe you should use the phone for turn by turn which is what i always preferred to do anyway. maps while riding my bike may be cool in a city I'm not used to, but here in my home city i know my way around enough to never need the watch or phone.
    6. band color and finish of the watch- get over it you first world problem having ass cry babies.
    7. price- well **** it is pricey so my foot is in my mouth here
    8. battery- i feel like i use my to a good amount during the day and still haven't been able to kill it in a day.i think the lowest i could get it down to in a day was 44%. i mean i don't use it for everything but i didn't get it to replace my phone i got it to compliment it. and that it does.
    9. and finally...appearance- i didn't find it bulky or heavy. i didn't think it protruded from my wrist to make it weird. i didn't think the band was sweaty or ugly. plus if i did i could go get another one. i actually preferred the sport option and finish as it does match my phone which is neat.
    in conclusion, my opinion is worth nothing. My experience is my own. my preference is mine and my taste is up to me. So people, make the choice for yourself. Dont let follower hungry, pessimistic, desperate for likes, negative people make your choice. you make it! its your money! not mine not theirs, yours. if you want one get one and enjoy, if you don't then bank that 300ish dollars and sleep easy.
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    Oct 18, 2015
    Very nice write up! I wholeheartedly agree I mean who cares what anyone else thinks about what you do with your life and money other than really close family or friends but especially no one on the internet should have a bearing on what choices you make.

    I love my watch and no one can tell me otherwise. Everyone has a different experience with the watch positive or negative and that sucks for the people having negative experiences as I haven't had a single one.

    Enjoy your watch!
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    My choice was not to read the whole thing. Of what I read I mostly agree with but much is up to the user as each perceives each feature differently.

    Personally I can take of leave the watch. Was super excited for the first few weeks but to novelty waned and I would leave it at home for a day or two and next only wore it a day or two out of the week. Just did not excite me that much and I have never minded pulling out my 6S+ as it is why I bought it. Nothing replaces that screen size and speed of getting things done compared to the watch.

    It is your choice and each can do as they wish
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    Guarantee there's somebody on their way in here today to ask if they should buy the watch or wait.

    I don't understand what's so difficult about buying the thing and test driving it for a few days. People act like return policies don't exist.

    Then there's the waiting business. Waiting for what? No one even knows what the heck they're waiting for. Might as well just lie every time and say a rumor just leaked that the next watch is being announced in 2 weeks. Lyin' Brian Williams got the inside scoop.
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    Wall of text - a few paragraphs wouldn't go a miss!
  6. Uofmtiger, Apr 28, 2016
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    I have never seen anyone using it as a phone in public. However, I have taken calls at home when my phone is out of reach. If it is a going to be a long phone call, I will switch to the phone. If it is a short call, I will just handle it on the watch. At work, I have been down the hall while my phone sat in my office and I got a call. I looked to see who it was, which is a nice feature, and simply called them back when I was at my desk. I like the feature, but I wouldn't use it in public.

    I certainly don't put calls on speaker in public with my iPhone, either...same premise.\

    I should mention that I agree with your main point, though. I was put off by the negative articles that complained about waiting for apps to load. However, I got the watch for Christmas and love the thing. The problem is that it is hard to know whether it will fit into your life until you use it. I am glad someone bought it for me because it has been very convenient in a lot of ways (controlling Apple Music/Airplay, turning on/off Hue Lights, turning on/off iDevices, turning on/of WeMo devices, adding stuff to my grocery list, getting alerts when motion sensors are activated at home, checking temps on my grill, getting notifications for deliveries, seeing the weather before heading out, etc..)
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    RE Phonecalls: I dont take them on the watch except when I am driving. The hand is up on the wheel and the watch works real well for that.

    Just figured I would add this. Huge benefit for me.
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    I've done it more times then I ever expected too. Many times, my phone is downstairs, or not quickly accessible. It was better for me to take the call on my phone, then struggle to find it in time.

    I've had some good and bad luck with this aspect. I'm fairly active, so its not giving me anything I didn't already know or have access too.

    I don't use maps directly, but when getting driving directions, i.e., use the phone to set up directions and the watch tells me where to turn.

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