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Apr 12, 2001

After a report by The Wall Street Journal stated that Apple is planning a push into original television series production for 2017, Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine spoke to reporters over the weekend and explained why the company is looking to add TV to its streaming music service (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Iovine said that the company's main concern is enticing users into choosing Apple Music over competitors like Spotify and Pandora, which offer free, ad-supported tiers for users. Ultimately, Iovine and other Apple Music executives believed that another basic streaming music service with on-demand access to music at $10 a month would not be enough to keep it alive. He called the move into TV Apple's attempt to build "an entire pop cultural experience."

"At Apple Music, what we're trying to create is an entire cultural, pop cultural experience, and that happens to include audio and video," he told reporters Saturday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

"If South Park walks into my office, I am not going to say you're not musicians, you know?" Iovine continued when pressed about the report. "We're going to do whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose. We're going to try."
The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the Dr. Dre-starring Vital Signs could be among the first of Apple's scripted television series to launch this year, with six episodes rolling out all at once, following the Netflix strategy. Despite all of the information known about Vital Signs since its announcement nearly a year ago last February, it's still unclear whether or not users will be able to stream the new Apple Music TV shows on an Apple TV, or just on iOS.

Besides Vital Signs, Apple is said to be working on a reality competition series called Planet of the Apps as well as an updated version of Carpool Karaoke. For its new push into television, the company plans to create original shows comparable to HBO's Westworld and Netflix's Stranger Things.

Article Link: Jimmy Iovine Says Apple Music Will Be 'An Entire Pop Cultural Experience' With New TV Shows


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Jul 20, 2014
Oh gosh please, please, please stop.

Whilst the Mac line-up is suffering, operating systems being severely neglected, AirPod stock is non-existent, etc...

Their sights are targeted at Carpool Karaoke, developers version of X-Factor with Gweneth Platrow, and whatever other loads of junk entertainment these guys are Cooking up to conform to Emoji culture to stay "hip"...

(Also their failed car project, can't wait, uh & Siri in a living room box!)

Steve's legacy everybody, right here.
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Feb 11, 2008
Apple you make computers !!! Or used to.

You have massive egos in the company , with no one regining them in. The Beats guys could care less about apple, they are just expanding their influence and personal status.

Forget pop culture , worry about the culture within apple. You are moving away from engineers to too cool for school crowd.


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Mar 22, 2012
Hopefully their strategy doesn't depend on Ping/Connect/v3-social-network.

Also, will current Apple Music subscriptions include this video content, or would this be an upsell? I'm assuming it's included at the current price, but Apple may rethink that eventually depending on how much money they invest in creating new content.
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Dec 19, 2009
Apple is moving in right direction.
And will be unstoppable. Soon everyone will follow the lead, as always.


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I wonder if they realize there are people like me who pay for Spotify each month and choose it over Apple Music because the interface is so much more intuitive. In fact, the interface of Spotify (on the Mac where I use it mostly) is much like iTunes used to be.

There is a lot of pressure for Apple to keep expanding by entering and dominating new markets. But they were expanding when they were just improving the Mac, for example. The fact that apps that used to be really good on the Mac no longer are is a different problem than the ones shareholders see, which is that they keep needing to do new things. But if they do new things the way they've been treating old things, those new things won't be successful either.

The reason I don't use Apple Music has nothing to do with it being "another basic streaming service" or doesn't have James Corden or Dr. Dre TV shows. It's that the software, to borrow a phrase, "just has no taste."


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Nov 14, 2011
If Tim Cook feels Apple needs to do this here's an idea: put all of Apple's content business into an arms length subsidiary, locate it in LA and let Eddy Cue run it. Make the content available on all platforms. Then bring in someone really good at an SVP level to take over iCloud, Siri, Maps etc. if Apple is going to get into content it can't be half-assed and Eddy Cue can't run that along with everything else on his plate.



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Mar 7, 2013
It think this is actually exciting news! Hopefully there will be shows with not just what is popular at the moment. Someone mentioned MTV and I think this is exactly what it is needed for us who wants music and not reality tv.
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Nov 14, 2011
So that makes perfect sense. A service called 'Apple Music' that also has TV shows on it......??

Let them carry on with it, get it out of there system.
Pretty easy to change the name to Apple Studios or something.
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