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Apr 12, 2001

iPhone 13 models will all feature a smaller notch, while the two Pro models will be equipped with low-power LTPO display technology for a 120Hz refresh rate, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said today in a research note obtained by MacRumors.

Several other sources have previously claimed that some iPhone 13 models will support a 120Hz refresh rate, including display industry analyst Ross Young, leakers Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach, and others. 2017 and newer iPad Pro models have a "ProMotion" display with a variable refresh rate up to 120Hz.


Kuo said the iPhone 13 lineup will consist of the same four models as the iPhone 12 lineup, all with a Lightning connector and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X60 modem, which offers several 5G networking improvements.

As previously rumored, Kuo said the iPhone 12 Pro Max's sensor-shift image stabilization will expand to the entire iPhone 13 lineup. He also expects iPhone 13 Pro models to feature an upgraded Ultra Wide camera lens with a wider ƒ/1.8 aperture and autofocus, compared to ƒ/2.4 on iPhone 12 models, as Barclays analysts said last month.

Kuo has previously predicted that at least one high-end iPhone model would feature a portless design in 2021, but his research note today claims that there will be "no portless design" this year after all, with the Lightning connector sticking around.

"If the iPhone abandons Lightning in the future, it may directly adopt the portless design with MagSafe support instead of using a USB-C port," wrote Kuo, noting that USB-C is less waterproof than Lightning. "At present, the MagSafe ecosystem is not mature enough, so the iPhone will continue to use the Lightning port in the foreseeable future."

All four iPhone 13 models will feature larger battery capacities compared to iPhone 12 models, according to Kuo, thanks to space-saving design choices such as integrating the SIM card slot with the logic board and reducing the thickness of some Face ID components. The larger batteries will make all iPhone 13 models slightly heavier, Kuo said.

Kuo said the rear LiDAR Scanner will remain limited to iPhone 13 Pro models, dismissing a rumor that it would be expanded to more models.

Kuo added that Apple does not plan to release a new iPhone SE until the first half of 2022. He said the new model will have a similar design as the existing 4.7-inch iPhone SE, with key new features including a faster chip and 5G support.

Article Link: Kuo: iPhone 13 Lineup to Feature Smaller Notch and Larger Batteries, 120Hz Display for Pro Models, and More
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Sep 2, 2013
So much for a port less iPhone smh

Guess no Touch ID under the display either.


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Jan 12, 2006
I don't mind the notch as much as I mind the rounded corners that cut things off occasionally.
I'd rather have a faster PWM rate than a faster refresh rate.

It doesn't give me headaches, I just find it very irritating how my iPhone 12 mini screen is flickering when dimmed and I'm in a dark environment where my eyes are most sensitive to the flickering.

To me pretty much every LED is flickering at night though... car tail lights, standby or status lights, digital projectors (those usually also have the RGB colors fall apart as soon as I shift my gaze). I also see the proximity sensor on the iPhone light up a little bit when it's dark. Trust me, it's the most stupid superpower...


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Feb 24, 2009
This is going to be a dilemma for me: get the mini, the phone with the form factor I love for the best price, or get the 120hz LTPO display that I want but don't need for like $300 more. 13 mini pro is the tech nerd's device, but I don't expect that to ever be a thing
If you really love the mini size, I'd get the 13 mini as it's probably the last one they'll ever make. That should take you to 2025-2026 before you have to make another decision.

Or depending on what you have now, you could wait till 2022 and see if a 14 mini appears. If not, then you'll find a good deal on a 13 mini at that time.


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Nov 9, 2019
So it's looking like a 13 mini for me this time next year or later, which will depend on when iOS 15 will be smoothed out and the anticiapted green tint will be fixed. ?


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May 14, 2020
120Hz on Pro models only...sheesh.
It’s expected and honestly totally acceptable. The Samsung S21’s screen can go up to 120Hz, but it’s a lower resolution screen than the iPhone 12, and we all know Apple does a great job of balancing the display sharpness and battery life. It’s about making different compromises, and 60Hz is still just fine, especially with the smooth animations of iOS.
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