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Latest Hands-On Video of iPhone6 Plus


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Apr 5, 2008
6+ really isn't my cup of tea despite better specs and premium features. It is huge. Humongous.

IMHO Apple made a mistake by giving premium features to its larger phone. You need to have your flagship phone in one size Apple. Some people just prefer smaller phones and don't want to feel like they're not buying the latest and greatest. I'm still struggling to settle with buying a 4.7" phone and you're cutting away features? Mistake. Don't underestimate small phone wanting people looking at Samsung Note etc. (phablets) sales.


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Sep 8, 2012
Huge surprise that Apple would only have certain features on their top tier iPhone.

His point was that it was a mistake for Apple to release different version of the iPhone, basically becoming the new Samsung of the smart phone market.

There's a reason why Apple almost went bankrupt in the 90's. It's the same reason why they're making decisions such as this.

Watch the interview with Steve Jobs in 1996 for the answer


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Apr 5, 2008
1 feature? OIS. Big deal. People will need OIS when trying to take a video with one hand on that monster.

Not really unfortunately.

- Better battery
- Better screen (more ppi)
- Horizontal use just like the iPad (and apps take advantage of it too)
- Possible better RAM (waiting for ifixit teardown this Friday for confirmation)


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Aug 27, 2010
Don't you think that if the 6+ did have 2gb RAM, Apple would have at least mentioned this during the keynote? Seems like a prime feature for the 6s+ in a year...

Just my thought.


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Nov 29, 2009
Huge surprise that Apple would only have certain features on their top tier iPhone.

The bigger screen I can understand that is already big enough of a differentiating factor and with that comes more room for a battery housing.

But if infact the 6+ has 2GB ram and the 6 just 1gb ram it is a real slap in the face to people who don't want a giant iPhone but would like to have sufficient ram and we all know there is enough room in both models to have 2gb of ram;)


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Nov 2, 2008
I wish he had shared more. This is no better than the "hands on" vids we got from the keynote.
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