'Ledge' Protects Wrists From Sharp MacBook Edges


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Apr 12, 2001

The Ledge MacBook accessory, currently available through Kickstarter, is designed to attach to the edge of a MacBook to turn the sharp front edge into a more comfortable, rounded edge, alleviating the irritation that some users feel when using a MacBook.

Complaints about the sharp edges of the MacBook have been around for years, and a number of solutions have surfaced, but few are as elegant as the Ledge, which blends in perfectly with the aluminum of newer laptops like the Retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

We have been MacBook users for many years, owning different models along the way. They have all shared one design trait. Sharp edges. No matter which MacBook model we have used, the sharp edges where we rested our wrists and forearms was uncomfortable and irritating.

Searching for a solution, we found nothing acceptable. Nothing existed that was made for MacBook. We decided to create our own solution. Ledge began with several sketches, and led to a staggering amount of prototypes, but the end results were better than we ever expected. It becomes an extension of your MacBook.
Ledge, which comes in two left/right pieces, is designed to install on any MacBook in just a few seconds, attaching onto the edge of the chassis via 3M adhesive. Ledge adds little extra bulk, and because it is made from the same aluminum as the MacBook, it is unobtrusive and blends in well. Ledge is fully portable and can remain attached to a MacBook at all times.

Ledge is available via Kickstarter starting at $29 for a single set for the first backers, with pricing going up to $39 after the first 20 purchases. Colored Ledge sets, in pink, gold, or black, are also available for $49, and a Silver finish double pack can be purchased for $85.

Ledge is compatible with MacBook and MacBook Pros from 2008 and later, the Retina MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air from 2010 and later.

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Mar 30, 2009
How to make your macbook look like **** and fix a non issue in one small payment!


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Nov 13, 2011
Some users

the sharp front edge into a more comfortable, rounded edge, alleviating the irritation that some users fee
Exactly ;)

They'll sell like radioactive ice creams


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Jun 8, 2007
2009 MacBookPro5,2 here. The two square corners of the recessed area in the centre were immediately uncomfortable.

I used a nail file to take the squareness off both of them.


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Oct 7, 2014
I'd be very careful using these on the MacBook pro retinas, as Apple advises against using any Palm rests or keyboard covers, as they may damage the display.


It's a neat idea for the MacBook Airs and non retina models though.


Dec 21, 2010
This thing is useless since the retina macbook pro is getting much thinner.


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May 2, 2002
"Square" does not mean "sharp."

But there must be some tiny niche of fearful, oven-mitted users living padded lives who buy nothing with square edges. What MacBook for them??? The solution is here!

The pink and gold ones will look especially nice.


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Jan 10, 2007
What on earth? They're not sharp at all.

I'd much rather someone make a kickstarter project to somehow implement an IR sensor back into the MacBooks. I miss being able to use my remote with both Apple TV and the MacBook. Why did they even remove it in the first place?


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Aug 14, 2010


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Nov 18, 2010
I've never heard of this imaginary complaint.

The sharp edges on the mac laptops hurt arms a lot while working. It almost cuts the arms during typing on apple laptops hence making impossible to work. I have got marks on my arms now due to the sharp edges.


The edges of both the MacBook Pro (aluminum case) and the MacBook (polycarbonate) are exceedingly sharp. Depending on my typing position, they dig in my wrists, an unpleasant and painful experience.


Anyone else find the sharp edges irritating on the forearms?


depending on the position of your mitts while typing - the sharp edge of the chassis just under the palm rest may make things a little uncomfortable.


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Nov 22, 2013
Addison, TX
Looks stupid. Later uni-body MacBook Pros had a slightly smoothed edge, so this became a non-issue. I had a mid-2009 MacBook Pro that had a sharp edge, but my late-2011 model was a lot less sharp.


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Jun 20, 2009
Lincoln, UK
2009 MacBookPro5,2 here. The two square corners of the recessed area in the centre were immediately uncomfortable.

I used a nail file to take the squareness off both of them.
I noticed that as well, but don't want to potentially invalidate Applecare by altering my rMBP.

The iPhone has switched over to rounded edges, hopefully this will be carried over to the leading edge of the Mac laptops. It might be a minor irritation, but it is still an irritation.


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Oct 18, 2010
Brooklyn, New York.
this is why I hardly ever look at Macrumors forums anymore.
Severe piling on with a side of fanboy.
About the product, I actually do find the edge of the laptop to be uncomfortable if used when traveling by public transportation or airline. Ditto if I am trying to kick back on the couch with it.
You may simply dismiss it as 'first worlder problems', but I have a history with RSS and nerve damage. I am not trying to do anything that takes either hand out of commission.
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