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Apr 12, 2001


Image from Gizmodo

Apple's Let's Rock event kicks off shortly. Live coverage will be provided at the following links:

- Gizmodo
- Engadget
- ArsTechnica
- Macworld
- Fortune
- Slashgear
- AlleyInsider
- iLounge will return for Macworld San Francisco 2009 in January.

Some last minute notes and links:

- Apple Stores are down
- New Interface? for the iPod Nano
- New Nanos to have accelerometer? "One of those people described a function by which the iPod's 'shuffle' function is invoked when a user physically shakes the player."

We'll post major updates here at

- Our forums will remain open for ongoing discussion.
- SMS updates will be provided through (instructions).
- Visit for iPhone and iPod touch gaming news and reviews.

Notes and Highlights

- Jobs takes stage. "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". New for iTunes: HD TV shows. $1.99 for SD. $2.99 for HD.
- NBC returns to iTunes: Office, Monk, Heroes etc... both HD and SD. iTunes 8 today: HD TV shows, accessibility, genius playlist, grid view.
- Genius: create playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Also personal recs from iTunes Store. Optional and private.
- iTunes 8 avail today. Free download. Moving on to iPod. 120GB Classic to replace 80GB and 160GB. New Nano. Similar to leaked images.
- Nano: thinnest ipod ever. enhanced interface. accelerometer. genius playlist within nano. aluminum w/ curved glass. shake ipod to shuffle.
- battery: 24hr music, 4hr video. environmentally safer. 8 colors. $149/8GB. $199/16GB. new $29 headphones w/ volume, next button, microphone.
- iPodTouch: Thinner, Stainless steel, Volume controls + speaker. genius playlist. Nike+iPod receiver built in. Demoing app store again. Including Spore Origins, Real Soccer 2009, and Need for Speed. (Gameplay video of Real Soccer 2009 available on TouchArcade)
- iPodTouch: battery 36hrs/music, 6hrs/video. 8GB/$229. 16GB/$299. 32GB/$399. 2.1 upgrade. free to iPodtouch 2.0 owners. "funnest iPod ever"
- iPhone 2.1 Upgrade: This friday. significantly better battery, fewer call drops, bug fixes, faster backups to itunes, no app crashes. Free.
- That seems to be it.

Article Link: Let's Rock: Live Coverage Options and Discussion


it shall not happen but then again you never know for sure

MAC TABLET want it soooooooo bad

The Tall One

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Aug 1, 2008

iPod Nano with an accelerometer? That is butt-tarded. I like cool aesthetic features, but lets spend our energy on some function as well, okay?


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Jul 16, 2003
Aussie in London
Hmm little chance that this new nano is going to work with the current Nike+iPod sports kit I'm guessing. Does anyone recall/know what happened with past iPod updates re Nike+? Eg: when the iPod Fatty came out, did Nike release a new kit? Or was it just some kind of firmware update. Any insight people have would be appreciated.

I bought an old nano last week in case, so that if it does work, I can take it back unopened to get a new one, and if it doesn't, I can keep the old one. Birthday present you see. Grr - people need better timed birthdays.


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May 17, 2007
Yet more new ipods, I'm finding it hard to get excited.

Yeah, upgrading my old 20GB or 60GB iPods won't make the quality of the music any better, will it?

I know it won't make the artists I have on my current iPods any better at what they do.... I don't need an iPod update.... I NEED a new MBP !!! :D I guess I'll wait a little longer.:(


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Jun 20, 2007
- New Nanos to have accelerometer? "One of those people described a function by which the iPod's 'shuffle' function is invoked when a user physically shakes the player."

Nifty feature! Only problem I see is running will sound like a skipping CD without an option to toggle this off directly in the iPod Nano's menu system. :)
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