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Jun 7, 2010
I bought a Spigen, super disappointed with it. I that at first it felt flimsy and wouldn't help anything if I dropped it. Then, for reasons I won't get in to here, the 'bumper' (it comes in two pieces) SNAPPED LIKE A TWIG, must have been a bad batch of material or something.

I'm looking for a case that's slim and at least bend 'resistant' I'm willing to spend some money too, I want something built to last, made out of metal or wood I don't care, just something that makes me more confident with the 700 dollar computer in my pocket. Anyone have any luck finding anything like that?


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Nov 4, 2014
I've got a 6 plus.

I started with Spigen NeoHybrid and that was fine as long as I was in the house. It's good for not worrying about scratches, but I found myself afraid to, say, walk around the store with my grocery list. The bumper is slippery.

On another site, I found a recommendation for
Wow, beautiful cases made in the US. And not too expensive.
I have this one and I strongly recommend it.

The rubber edges are very grabby and the texture of the wood back also adds to the confidence that you won't drop your big-a$$ phone. And it looks great. Not everyone will appreciate the rubber + wood design, but it's exactly what I needed for an everyday case, and it'll pass for "professional" in the IT field. The bonus is, that I can still slip it inside my 7-inch wallet for when I don't feel like taking along my whole purse.
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