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Apr 12, 2001

After months of rumors and leaks, Apple this week finally released the new M2 iPad Pro through a press release on its website. As expected, the new iPad Pro is powered by the M2 chip, as rumors predicted.


Other rumors, however, did not turn out to be true, and we’ve rounded up a few of those incorrect rumors below.

MagSafe and Reverse Wireless Charging

One of the most prominent iPad Pro rumors was that the upcoming models would include some form of MagSafe and reverse wireless charging capabilities. Rumors suggested that the iPad Pro would adopt a glass back that would allow users to place an iPhone or AirPods on the back of the iPad Pro to charge it while adopting some form of new MagSafe system for the iPad itself.

Evolving rumors had indicated that Apple prototyped multiple designs and could scrap the all-glass back, but a more feasible rumor of a glass Apple logo to accommodate wireless charging also failed to come true.

New Four-Pin Connector

A rumor suggested that the upcoming iPad Pro models would feature a new four-pin connector alongside the existing three-pin connector in the high-end iPads. The rumor suggested that the new four-pin connection would be used to support a wider variety of accessories with a higher throughput of power.

The rumor did not ultimately come true, with the latest sixth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and fifth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro featuring the same three-pin connector as before.

Landscape FaceTime Camera


With the 10th-generation iPad, Apple has placed the front FaceTime camera on a long edge of the ‌iPad‌’s bezel for the first time, giving the iPad a landscape front camera. One rumor suggested that Apple would bring the same landscape FaceTime camera to the iPad Pro, as well as a landscape Apple logo in the back, meant to present the iPad's default orientation as landscape and not portrait.

Apple's decision to bring a landscape FaceTime camera to the entry-level iPad in the same update cycle as the iPad Pro, while not bringing it to the iPad Pro, is sure to be intriguing for some customers.


While these rumored features and changes did not happen with the latest iPad Pros, that's not to say they'll never come true since we may see some of the features in future iPad Pro models. The latest M2 iPad Pro became available for pre-order earlier this week and will begin arriving to customers on Wednesday, October 26.

Article Link: M2 iPad Pro: All the Rumors That Turned Out Wrong


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Jul 15, 2006
Guessing supply chain backups prevented the full iPP redesign that was in the pipeline. So many of the Apple Watch Ultra designs were rumored heavily for the 2021 watch release cycle. Bet the same ends up true for the M3 iPP.


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Mar 18, 2009
Very curious to know if they were truly planned for 2022 or what. Do they do another ~18 month cycle and it'll be 2024 before we see some sort of design / feature update?

I'm also still curious about that rumoured 14" iPad...


Jul 18, 2022
Pretty underwhelming. I wasn’t planning on upgrading anyway. Honestly, I visited the refurbished line to see if I could get a backup of the Gen 2 model and storage I have and they’re sold out.

Pay attention, Apple.


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Jul 25, 2012
Guessing supply chain backups prevented the full iPP redesign that was in the pipeline. So many of the Apple Watch Ultra designs were rumored heavily for the 2021 watch release cycle. Bet the same ends up true for the M3 iPP.
Or Apple decided that putting the incredibly inefficient wireless charging on a tablet a dumb idea; as well as the idea of draining the battery so you can inefficiently charge your phone or airpods. If wireless charging becomes more efficient, then maybe it'll make sense, but at this point, it's best that Apple kept it off the iPad.

Unregistered 4U

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Jul 22, 2002
Makes you wonder if these "insiders" really have special access or they are just making WAGs and hoping that they are right.
It’s likely they actually do, but Apple’s been known to feed false information to a select group and, if it gets out, then they know where the leak came from and a few folks find themselves unemployed.
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Jul 22, 2002
I'm hoping they fixed blooming and the edge shadows. That was holding me back from the M1. I'm not sure how many were on the same boat
It’ll be interesting to see because they’ve said in the past that it’s like driving a separate screen at a different resolution. More GPU power might allow faster/smarter switching, but there’s still no getting around those fairly large brightness zones.
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Oct 17, 2019
I bet it will be several more releases for them to have all those options they aren’t coming all at once

Tyler O'Bannon

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Nov 23, 2019
Regarding MagSafe:

iPad should get Mac version of MagSafe with a TB4 port on each side of it.

iPhone “shoulda been had” bi directional charging. A long time ago. Should be able to charge Apple Watch, AirPods and AirPods Pro, and anything genetically Chi over it.

The holdout on this and USB3 speeds over lightning are 2 of the most annoying holdouts on iPhone.
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