Mac Pro Build-To-Order Units Start Shipping to Customers

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Apr 12, 2001

    Apple has begun shipping custom configured Mac Pro units to customers according to MacRumors Forum members, some two weeks after stock configurations began arriving just before Christmas.

    According to several posters on the MacRumors forums, a number of custom configured models have seen their order status change to "Preparing for Shipping", which typically happens one day before an actual shipment. A couple have even seen their machines actually ship, with some expected to arrive as soon as today.

    Stock configurations ordered early on launch day have been shipping more consistently, while custom orders have seen longer delays.

    Separately, Electronista reported earlier this week that Apple may not have sufficient mac pro units to stock its Apple Stores until March or April. Currently, customers are being advised to order units online and they will ship when available -- estimated ship times for the Mac Pro are currently targeted to February.
    Mac Pro models still show an "available to ship" estimate of February on the U.S. Apple Online Store, while Mac Pro units appear to be out-of-stock at all Apple Retail Stores.

    Update: One customer whose build-to-order Mac Pro shipped on December 31 has received the order today.


    Article Link: Mac Pro Build-To-Order Units Start Shipping to Customers
  2. 4God macrumors 68020


    Apr 5, 2005
    My Mac
    Woot WOOT!!! Can't wait to get my hands on a couple of these bad boys!
  3. tkatz, Jan 3, 2014
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    tkatz macrumors regular

    Dec 14, 2009
    Bleh… Got this email.

    12 core, D700, 1tb, 64gb
  4. The Doctor11 macrumors 603

    The Doctor11

    Dec 15, 2013
    New York
  5. koulmj macrumors 6502

    Mar 18, 2013
    What's a country kit? Like a glass of lemonade a guide of making apple pies?
  6. m1neral macrumors newbie

    Dec 19, 2013
    Just received the same email.

    "Mac Pro delivery update for order

    Your Mac Pro is scheduled to ship in January. When it does ship, we’ll email you with a more specific delivery date.

    ...already knew that. But maybe the gears are moving. 6 core, D700, 1tb, 32gb.
  7. tkatz macrumors regular

    Dec 14, 2009
    I'm hoping the same. Order was placed around 3:30am est, wonder if that even matters or if its something to do with the config (or both).

    All this means is I'll be checking the status page more often…
  8. mattopotamus macrumors G4


    Jun 12, 2012
  9. BornAgainMac macrumors 603


    Feb 4, 2004
    Florida Resident
  10. m1neral macrumors newbie

    Dec 19, 2013
    My order was also placed near 330 est.
  11. tkatz macrumors regular

    Dec 14, 2009
    If it ships FedEx I'll probably hang the form on the door incase I don't hear the bell.

    If it comes UPS I'll have to stand at the door or the guy is likely to stop at the bottom of the steps and throw it.
  12. osofast240sx macrumors 68030


    Mar 25, 2011
  13. Rich.Cohen macrumors regular

    Oct 28, 2013
    Washington DC
  14. anticipate macrumors regular

    Dec 22, 2013
    Yep same here. 8 core/d700/512/32. Ordered at 7 am eastern on dec 19.

    I think it means they are gearing up and managing expectations.
  15. NewbieCanada macrumors 68030

    Oct 9, 2007
    Me too. I'm worried as I'm leaving town Wednesday evening for a week and a half. I don't want it arriving while I'm gone and getting sent back and I don't know how long FedEx/UPS/Whoever will hold it. And if it gets returned to Apple, and I have to wait for a refund before re-ordering, it's going to be another month waiting.
  16. bryanescuela Suspended

    Jun 27, 2008
    Mine is 24 cores, D1400, 2TB, 128GB.... See I can too...
  17. NewbieCanada macrumors 68030

    Oct 9, 2007
    Well for one thing, the right kind of power cord.
  18. Ahheck01 macrumors 6502

    Aug 7, 2006
    I feel super bad for you. :cool:
  19. Spinland macrumors 6502


    Jul 16, 2011
    Utica, NY, USA
    Ditto on the "thanks for your patience" email. I, too, am choosing to take that as a sign things are moving along, despite it having no real information to offer.

    Mine's a CTO hex/32/512/D500, ordered it as soon as the site went live.
  20. gugy macrumors 68030

    Jan 31, 2005
    La Jolla, CA
    Damn I want one.
    Hopefully sooner than later!
  21. Mike MA macrumors 65816

    Mike MA

    Sep 21, 2012
    At least you guys and the Mac Pro itself do have Apple's awareness. Yes I know, this comment won't help :D
  22. DaveN macrumors 6502a


    May 1, 2010
    Mine didn't ship yet... do you think I need to order one before they ship it to me or will Apple randomly send one to me?
  23. jayducharme macrumors 68030


    Jun 22, 2006
    The thick of it
    Hopefully it means Apple is moving along with production. At least they're not saying "February."
  24. mk_in_mke macrumors regular

    Jan 2, 2003
    Milwaukee, WI
    Some emails are not worth reading...

    Got the same "Dear Blah blah blah..."

    Ordered 6 cores, 32 Gb, 512 Bg, D700 on the day the orders were allowed at 2:30 AM CST

    Says "Ship in January"... does not say "Delivers in January..." Well, I am preparing the phase out of my current unit and the phase in of the new baby... Worth the effort...
  25. paulsdenton macrumors 6502


    Oct 9, 2010
    Barton, Vermont USA
    Mine is supposed to arrive today!

    "Out for delivery"

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