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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by the read, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. the read macrumors regular

    Nov 25, 2009
    After cracking open the box and spending the past 2 weeks working with the new fully loaded Mac pro with retina display, I have to say I'm really disappointed.

    The my main gripe is with the intergration of the screen and OS. Apple have not revised the OS to display to the capabilities of this screen. The more screen realestate you attempt to gain, the more blurred the image becomes, the quicker I get a head-ache. Putting the screen to (best for Renina) provides no advantage over the standard screen. Spending the extra cash makes me feel that Apples marketing team have just cheated me.

    My second main problem is with the lack of Ethernet connection. First I didn't realize that the computer did not have this connection port. It still is and has been for the past 10-15 years an industry standard for fast and reliable connectivity to any network. Being a pro labeled computer this should be standard. For my work I require transfer of data that runs into gigs every day. relying on wifi eventually frustrated me to the point of walking out the office and rushing down to the nearest Mac store to spend more money on a device that quite frankly should not be needed.

    Then I wanted to transfer data from my network to my portable external drives. Something I've been doing for years. To my rage, I then realized, I only have one remaining USB port. How can I connect 2 drives through a standard USB at the same time and have access to my network. It's not possible.

    As a result; I'm now back on my 2008 Mac pro, not having any headaches and transferring data as required. I'm still frustrated with my old computers screen res, and the new pro is collecting dust in the corner of the room, while I determine if I'm going to return it back to apple or spend more money trying to enable the computer to do what is expected of it.

    I didnt buy an Air, I bought a Pro, that has the limitations of an Air.

    Am I angry, yes. Have I lost trust with Apple, yes. Do I feel cheated, yes most defiantly.

    I'm sure some people will feel different about some of my comments and thats ok. I'm logging these concerns as I think people should know the limitations I've experienced with Apples latest flag ship laptop. I've been an Apple user for years. But I'm convinced apple are now a marketing driven company, with little respect for the users who have adopted their tech and the challenges we face on a daily level.

    All in its a very disappointing product. This is not innovation, it's misunderstanding what people need. 1 step forward = 3 steps back.
  2. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    I don't understand the no advantage at best for retina setting. The advantage is 2880x1800 resolution! Sure the icons are the same size, but they are 1024x1024 resolution! As for the ethernet port. That would have made the unit larger, and most people are very happy with the new form factor. They sell a TB adapter which will give you all the bandwidth you need. It is only $29 so it's not a huge expense.
  3. brand macrumors 601


    Oct 3, 2006
    There is not an option to get a retina display for the Mac Pro.

    Your upset because you didn't do your research prior to spending $2K? That is no ones fault but your own.
  4. aaronw1986 macrumors 68030

    Oct 31, 2006
    First of all if you cannot see the difference with the retina screen, something is wrong. Secondly, you should have done more research before making such a large purchase. Yes, there is no ethernet port, but they make a $29 thunderbolt gigabit adapter. It is not much of a hassle, and will provide normal ethernet speeds. You will then have 2 free USB ports still. Also, consider getting a USB hub if you want more than 2 ports.
  5. playsontheleft macrumors regular

    Jul 2, 2012
    You didn't realise that it didn't have Ethernet or more than two USB ports when you brought it? I'll give you that the Retina isn't perfectly integrated yet (although that's to be expected at first) but, and I'm not trying to have a go here, isn't it your job to confirm that the computer has the right ports before you buy it?
  6. thejadedmonkey macrumors 604


    May 28, 2005
    To be fair though, I don't know anyone besides an Apple apologist who would think it's okay to sell a $2000 pro level computer with 2 USB ports and no ethernet. Heck, most $500 PC's have 4+ USB ports, esata, and ethernet.

    And yes I know that Apple puts the "pro" in the macbook pro as marketing only, but when you market it as a "pro" laptop, shouldn't you expect at least some pro features?

    This is just as much on Apple as it is on the OP, IMHO.
  7. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    The problem tho, is that the ethernet plug would exceed the width of the unit...and the narrower motherboard and addition of battery cells truncates the amount of room available for ports. So only a few on each side can be accommodated.

    As far as not being a pro machine because it has less in-unit scalability...I whole heartedly disagree. You don't need 5 USB ports when you are taking it with you..and if you are using it as a portable device you don't need ethernet. These are all things you need for a home use desktop. You get a dock or other signal extender for home use and you have all you need. If you get a TBD you get Ethernet, Firewire, and 4 USB ports by only plugging in a TB plug. TB allows for a much wider array of expandability than any other current notebook has.
  8. GoreVidal macrumors 6502a


    Jun 19, 2011
    #8's a thin and light computer that needs additional dongles and hubs to supply original functionality of the previous generation ports that are still widely used. Gotcha. So that pretty much negates the thin and light part of Apple's pitch.

    Also, I completely disagree with you that something is "wrong" if you cannot see a difference with retina screen. I own a 17" 2011 MBP and I can't see a difference from working distance between the 17" I own now and the retina MBP I owned for 2 weeks.


    Perhaps you should have done a bit of research before dropping over $2k on a computer, alas, you did not, and now it's Apple's fault?
  9. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    how does it negate how thin and light it is? Do you need ethernet connectivity away from home? Do you need to burn a DVD on the road? I never understand this argument. Just because you need to outwardly connect at home features...doesn't make it any less portable.
  10. thejadedmonkey macrumors 604


    May 28, 2005
    I need to respectfully disagree with your disagreement. Right now on my Dell I'm using a USB drive, a wireless mouse, and an ethernet cable, and that's hardly taxing. If I wanted to do that on a macbook pro, I couldn't.

    I might be able to get away with not using the mouse as the trackpad is a little bit better, but that's assuming I'm not gaming... which I am. Hence to ethernet to reduce random drop-outs that I'm prone to getting.

    And sure I could unplug the USB drive, but then using a 2-port laptop becomes a juggling exercise. What can I move where, so that I never exceed the 2-USB port limitation. Is it possible? Yes, and it's not even that difficult for most users. But it's a limitation that shouldn't be there to begin with.
  11. gentlefury macrumors 68030

    Jul 21, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    I don't really understand the problem tho. You don't need ethernet at starbucks. Only at home. And you can get Bluetooth mouse and keyboard if you really want to free up the data ports. I have a bluetooth keyboard that I take with me occasionally, when I know I will need it. And I have a Logitech mouse with a tiny dongle that is always plugged in. I never really need to plug more than one HDD in at a time. So it's not really an issue. I am currently using an 11" MBA, which has even less ports and I have never felt restricted.
  12. jcpb macrumors 6502a

    Jun 5, 2012
    OP reminds me of this thread.

    OP didn't do his homework beforehand and is now angry at Apple for his self-inflicted buyer's remorse(TM).
  13. Stetrain macrumors 68040

    Feb 6, 2009
    1) There most definitely is an advantage over the standard screen at "Best for Retina". The same advantage you get on a retina iPhone or retina iPad. The iPad 3 doesn't let you fit more stuff on screen than the iPad 2, yet the retina display is still valuable.

    Greater detail in apps, photos, and most of all text seems like a pretty nice advantage to me. Of course how much of an effect that will have will depend on your vision and preference, that is very different from person to person.

    2) It sounds like you got the old USB to Ethernet adapter. Maybe they didn't have it yet at the Apple Store you went to, but Apple released a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter alongside the RMBP. It's $29 on the online Apple store.

    It doesn't block a USB port and it supports full Gigabit speeds. This seems like a much better choice for you.


    Why not?

    The USB drives goes in one of the USB ports.

    The wireless mouse connects ... wirelessly! The MBP has bluetooth built in, no dongle required.

    The Ethernet cable connects via a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter.

    On the RMBP you would still have one Thunderbolt, one USB 3, and one HDMI port left over.
  14. Dustman macrumors 65816


    Apr 17, 2007
    I fail to understand why a dongle is an issue. Just leave the dongle attached to the ethernet cord at all times and unplug it from your MBP as you would any other computer. If you're going to B***h about having to take it with you on the road as most people do when it comes to arguing about dongles, i present you with this. First of all, its not 300 pounds and the size of a gymnasium like most people make it out to be. Second of all, why would you ever need an ethernet connection on the road? All hotels are Wifi enabled.

    I'll agree with you that the OS/Retina integration isn't perfect. But, this is a step that needs to take place, and it is a transitional period. Had you done research like an educated adult, you'd know this is the first time a consumer product has ever shipped with a resolution so high.

    And for my final point, I'm not sure what you're plugging into your Macbook that needs to be permanently connected. Who really has a laptop with 12 things plugged in at once. The only thing I've plugged into mine in the past 3 months is a mouse, and a printer. But it's not like I'm going to constantly have a printer plugged in, just waiting for a document. Apple made all the right compromises with this laptop. Amazing battery life, beautiful revolutionary design, and the first laptop of it's kind. Now, I'm off to kick myself for feeding a troll.
  15. jcpb macrumors 6502a

    Jun 5, 2012
    I have two entire keyboard/mouse sets. First set being a Logitech K360 and Anywhere MX connected to a single Unifying receiver, used for both Mac and Windows; second set being Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 (with or without the physically-separate numpad) and Apple Mighty Mouse connected via Bluetooth, used for the Mac.

    If I do a network Time Machine backup, I use a TB-to-GbE adapter.

    Add a USB drive? The minimum is just 1 USB port and 1 Ethernet port. The latter is resolved by using the TB adapter, and I still have one USB port left for something else.

    What limitation?
  16. SBW-UK macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2012
    Bottom line is that Apple:

    - Provide detailed technical specifications that list exactly what ports are available

    - Provide demo units in stores that you can play with for as long as you want to test the screen, resolution settings etc.

    - Provide a 2 week unlimited returns policy at no cost or inconvenience to the customer so you can test it in your own home with normal usage.

    There is no real excuse to end up with a computer that you can't use, other than for those that get a kick out of stirring up trouble in an Internet forum. The rMBP isn't for everyone (but my 3-4 week wait for one suggests it works for lots of people). There are plenty of other options out there, be it cMBP or something else entirely.
  17. sweetbrat macrumors 65816


    Jun 17, 2009
    Redford, MI
    Why is it that whenever a product with the "Pro" name doesn't suit someone, they argue that it shouldn't be a Pro product. People have different needs. Most people don't need an ethernet port on a regular basis. Most people don't need more than 2 USB ports on a regular basis. The fact that this computer doesn't have those features doesn't negate that it is a pro level computer.

    I'm not one to always defend Apple. In fact, I don't have any intention of purchasing a retina MBP anytime this point it just doesn't suit my needs any better than the computer I have now. But the fact that the OP didn't research if the computer fit his needs doesn't mean that it's Apple's fault or that Apple screwed up. Do research and purchase a machine that suits your needs. Just because something is new and flashy doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

    OP, you have no reason to be upset with Apple. Be upset with yourself for not doing your homework before spending a couple thousand dollars. The only one you should be angry with is yourself.
  18. Baytriple macrumors 6502

    Apr 3, 2012
    What a ridiculously stupid OP. so you spend all that money and do any research.
  19. AdrianK macrumors 68020

    Feb 19, 2011
    I don't always forget to research a product before dropping 2.2k on it, but when I do, I claim the manufacturer deceived me.

    The funny this is, the amount of time that was taken to write the OP is longer the the time it would take to read the tech specs.
  20. mac1984user macrumors 6502a


    Dec 10, 2009
    United Kingdom
    If you find more value out of a 2008 MacBook Pro, return your rMBP to Apple. Personally, if I were to have to return to a lower resolution screen than the 'best for retina' for a prolonged period, I think I'd start having withdrawal symptoms!
  21. The Final Cut macrumors 6502

    Sep 5, 2009
    Complaining about the ethernet port (which can be had for a $20 adapter is like saying) is ridiculous. Wifi, its 2012, and never had a major speed or connection issue with my network. Yes, there are trade offs, but look at the massive pros instead of the petty cons.
  22. houkouonchi macrumors regular

    Oct 31, 2005
    OP seemed to miss multiple people mentioning the thunderbolt ethernet...

    Screw USB. Even if i had extra USB slots I would still use the TB ethernet adapter. It can do 940 megabits in/out. Its a PCI-E connection and not crappy USB. Its the only external/dongle ethernet port I am aware of that can push full gig ethernet.

    I would have preferred it be onboard too but with the performance I am getting I am not that annoyed.

    I was worried about added interrupts/latency/loss throughput going through a USB adapter especially considering that I often do transfers @ gigabit speed (112 megabytes/sec).
  23. eba macrumors regular

    Mar 14, 2007
    I have my own qualms about the rMBP, but I don't see how you can feel "cheated." It's certainly no secret that the new design omits an ethernet port and has two USB ports. Why were you surprised?
  24. terrymaz macrumors regular

    Aug 3, 2010
    SF Bay Area and Chicago Area
    I didn't bother reading this whole thread but just wanted to sat that the display is amazing, the macbook is amazing and anyone who has seen my new one, windows and mac users are in awe over it. Just giving my opinion and reassuring that the thing rocks .)

  25. LEARN2MAKE macrumors member


    Jun 30, 2011
    One cool thing I noticed about the rMBP- if you have a 3 band router you can get 450 Mbps over wireless. Pretty cool. That is almost half of the gigabit wired speeds (which I also use with the thunderbolt adapter). I just have a few $10 usb hubs on my desk and have no issues with usb connectivity and I plug in a usb 3.0 drive my one usb 3.0 enabled external HDD.

    The real great thing is I can easily connect 2 monitors, one through the hdmi connection (with hdmi to dvi converter at monitor $18 at walmart) and the other with my old mini displayport to vga. 3 monitor setup that works very well for me.

    When off of my desk I usually run it at full native resolution using SwitchResX, which gives me about 4 times the desktop space which is easy to see when the laptop is close to my face while on my lap.

    It is very much worth giving up one of the usb ports on the old MBP in trade for an extra TB/mini-DisplayPort and giving up the optical drive for the HDMI. I think the rMBP is actually more connectable than older models if you take the external monitor abilities into account.

    It would be nice to have one or two more usb ports but its really not that bad to work with the 2 it does have. Just waiting for the usb 3.0 hubs to drop in price as they are somewhat pricey still.

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