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Jun 28, 2020
Toronto ON

I'm really excited about posting here. I've been a long time fan of Macrumors and the Apple ecosystem. Not a blind love for Apple, there are obviously a lot of areas for improvements, but the Apple ecosystem by far is the most fun and it's long-lasting products a huge appeal to me.

I'm based out of Toronto, ON, Canada so the discussions below are in CAD.

I need help making purchase decisions for a Macbook Pro and iPad Pro.

Regarding Macbook

What do I need it for (use case):

  • Web design and development (Miro, Figma, Creative Cloud suite)
  • iOS and macOS app development
  • Video editing near future as I want to create light video content on coding and design
The budget: 7k - 8k CAD (but with some flexibility)

Other notes:
  1. Portability is not a huge requirement. For me larger screen size > portability (but still there is some portability need for which reason I'm thinking about an iPad as well)
My questions are:
  1. Do you recommend:
    1. 2.4GHz 8-core 9th-generation OR the 2.3GHz (price difference is $255 CAD before tax)
    2. Option 1: 64gb RAM/4TB SSD
    3. Option 2: 32gb RAM/2 TB SSD
    4. The question here I guess is, considering my use case, do you recommend Option 1 or Option 2? (I've attached the cost break down I'm seeing under Apple Canada's site)
  2. Is Apple Care worthed for both Macbook Pro and iPad Pro? - my last Macbook (2012 Macbook Pro 8GB RAB, 256GB SSD) is still running well and luckily didn't purchase Apple Care for it
  3. Do you recommend buying a refurb for Macbook Pro? what's the risk there?
Regarding iPad

What do I need it for (use case):

  • Sometimes I do stay over at family's place, so a second screen becomes necessary
  • I want to take handwritten notes and sketch my ideas (I'm really intrigued by the whole pen/iPad combo)
  • Reading books and light browsing without lugging around the Macbook
Other notes:
  1. Most of the Youtube channels specifically recommend getting an iPad cover and I was looking into Moshi's iVisor offerings
  2. I really want this to last long - since it's a heavy investment I'm making! - so I'm looking into Moshi's iPad coverings
  3. I'm mostly either home or at places where there is WiFi and I can tether with my cellular internet if need be
  4. I do need the bigger screen size when I use it as my extended display
The model I'm thinking of is the latest iPad Pro 12.9 inch, 128GB, WiFi only

My questions are:
  1. Is there anything about the spec you'd be concerned about?
  2. Do you recommend, if budget permits, to go with Moshi's accessories, or are there better alternatives? For me, I'm more inclined to invest in an accessory that helps effectively protect my device vs. going after the cheapest one on Amazon
Regarding Budget

As you can see, I'm really stretching my budget either ways but I'm not sure if Option 1 is worth it or, given my needs, Option 2 will suffice (I've attached the cost break down I'm seeing under Apple Canada's site).

Thank you for taking the time to go through my post and I appreciate any input, thoughts, tips you can share. Or anything else that you think I should consider.



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