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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by thecrazychimpz, Dec 15, 2016.

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    I'm looking for a hardshell case, laptop sleeve, and keyboard protector/cover for my new MacBook Pro with the touchbar. Price is not a huge factor (as long as it isn't ridiculously price. Most of the products I've seen on Amazon are very cheap, which makes me question how good the quality is...

  2. satcomer, Dec 15, 2016
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    Well the standard size as this version so those made for the latest version will still fit, according to size of Mac Book Pro!
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    Hey CrazyChimpz - Good to see your looking for something of quality and substance.

    Regarding the keyboard protector/ cover, this used to be an issue a few years back. The keys would dent the screen if
    any pressure was applied to the screen when the laptop was closed. With the last generation of the MacBook Pros, this problem was all but eliminated as the keyboard was redesigned and the offset between the screen and the laptop body was reduced to such a small amount that a padded cover could not fit without keeping the screen open.

    You may have have a different situation where a cover is needed or may have found a cover so thin it did not affect how the laptop closed. I am just saying in general, Apple has eliminated the issues that was causing the need for a cover.

    On to the sleeve.

    As mentioned, it's great that you are seeking quality over a cheap price. So many Apple customers forget that they purchased the worlds most expensive laptop when it comes to making an investment in protecting it. When I see someone shopping for a $10 sleeve to protect a $4000 MacBook Pro, I ask them if they'd park their Ferrari in a refrigerator box too?

    If you've looked at the bottom of the market, it might in your best interest have a look at something on the opposite end of the spectrum. Nothing says quality like Lifetime Warranty. This sleeve has that. It will protect your new MacBook for as long as you own it and then some.

    MacBook Pro Sleeve

    Maybe you'll find something between the "landfill" on Amazon and something like this. But the more educated you are about your options, the better chance you'll find something that will work for you. One thing about this sleeve, the protection is so good, you probably won't have to bother with the hardshell case. Most laptops are damaged in transport, not during use. Investing in a top quality sleeve will eliminate the need for the hardshell. The money you save from not buying the hardshell you can then put towards a better sleeve.

    Good luck and congratulation on your new MacBook Pro!

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    Haven't looked at that particular sleeve, but I'm not sure that spending money on a quality leather sleeve really gives it more protection than some of those cheap ones you can get on Amazon. Clearly it looks better.
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