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    May 14, 2019
    Today, I noticed a dirt on the edge of the screen of my macbook which cant be removed by cloth. When I inspect in thoroughly, I realized it's not what I expected. It looks like it was punctured, there is an indention. There was probably a small, hard object that got stuck when I close my mac.

    Is the screen not glass? It looks like a plastic to me.
    Is this replaceable? Without removing or changing the LCD?

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    Dec 17, 2018
    It depends on which MBA model you have. Could you tell us the year and/or model number?

    If it is possible to replace, it will take a decent amount of work, confidence, and a steady hand. You will need a heat gun as well as a powerful suction cup.

    In answer to your question, it is not actual glass, it is more of a plastic feel and it can be removed without replacing the lcd. You can order the replacement (assuming your MBA is compatible) on eBay. The piece you would need to replace it with should be relatively cheap, so do not worry if price was a concern.

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    May 14, 2019
    I have a Macbook Air 13" 2018. Thank you.

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