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Feb 19, 2016
Hi, i know this has been asked a million times before. but i just need some advice.
i spilled water on my Macbook Pro (early 2015) that i bought in may. I immediately turned it upside down and it did power off by itself (Which it is supposed to to prevent damage for as far as i know). The charger was in so i took it out. Then in some kind of a panic attack i brought it to the kitchen (still upside down) and used the dog blower to try to get out any of the water (i don´t think that was a good idea). Put it upside down on a towel and i let it be there from monday to friday.

Today i connected the charger and it booted! Yay! Everything is working, all the keys, the backlight (both screen and keyboard), the touchpad, ran memtest no errors. and all was good. Then i were going to bring it downstairs so i took out the charger, and BLAM the whole thing powered down. it says that the battery "NEEDS TO BEE REPLACED NOW". it says it is fully charged, which i assume it actually is if it was not shorted when it were drying since the mpb had been plugged in the whole monday. In the system info thingy it reads normal voltage, but ZERO amperage!

I have tried resetting the SMC, but it kind of did really nothing:/

Okay, what should i do, i have ordered a pentalobe screewdriver to open it and look for corrosion.
- Is it a bad idea to use it before i have fixed it?
- Do you think the SMC has been damaged or just the battery/connector?
- should i just go to the place where i bought it and tell them the story and have them make an price-estimate?
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