MBP USB-C =50MB's increase

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CBlakeston, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Got my new MBP 15" and love it. Its easily the best computer I've ever owned (and thats saying something coming from a 2012 MBP retina which was no slouch).

    I'm a video editor and deal with moving large amounts of data every day. Today I benchmarked my external Lacie SSD (also from 2012) and It gets 378/305 read write over thunderbolt 1. Over the new Belkin USB-C cable I bought (not bothering with dongles, I bought new cables) I get 427/327. That's a nearly 50MB/s increase in read speed. (see attached benchmark pic).

    I thought that was kinda cool!

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    USB 3 is faster than TB1, so that's not surprising. TB1 still has additional benefits (like being able to carry DisplayPort video and PCIe data) over USB 3.

    I have a 6TB striped RAID (3x2TB) at home I built a many years ago in an enclosure that has TB1 and USB3 ports. The throughput over USB 3 is so much better that when I upgraded to a Mac with USB 3 ports (back in 2013), I quit using the TB1 port on the RAID.
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    After the initial upset when Apple didn't build the exact computer each person wanted for THEIR needs, the realization that these machines are awesome is starting to take hold.

    I'm using my 13" TB for processing Nikon RAW files with PS and Lightroom and it's just an excellent computer across the board.

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    Sorry, but thats not true at all! The speed capabilities of both easily out spec the drive. I'd expect a small difference switching protocols but not 50MB/s.

    USB 3 = 5Gbps
    Thunderbolt 1 = 10Gbps

    I should also add that back in 2012 I benchmarked a USB 3 lead over a Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt was faster. Presumably the USB-C cable connects as USB 3 so I'm not sure watched changed since then. Thats interesting you found the reverse?
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    Agreed. Its a superb machine.
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    I think all these cases shows more limitation of internal drive speed (when used in certain manner mentioned), not external one, and connection type much lesser degree.

    However thunderbolt should have lower CPU utilization compared to USB 3 doing the same task.

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