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May 18, 2020
Upgrading from MBPro 15" 2017 (i7 2.9, 1TB)... I decided to go with the 13" for developing (iOS, web, Android).

The screen size really does not matter because I will be using it connected to external monitor (work, home) for 90% of the time - mostly closed / sometimes coding. Portability, fast RAM as well as CPU which has pretty solid single core benchmark are more important than dGPU...

So, I use clouds on the regular basis - having 4TB wireless driver at home, sharing projects via GD, GitHub and also using wireless storage at work I really do not need huge SSD on my MBPro.

My question: Is the 1/2TB SSD better in the terms of speed than 512 SSD? Apple states all the "ads" are for the maxed config with 4TB. With the 512GB, I will be having > 150GB free space anyway at least, usually have ~ 200 - 250GB of free space.

P.S.: Did any iOS, Google dev also opted for the 13" as we are all using 1 or 2 external monitors anyway and the portability is something else... (?)


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Aug 15, 2010
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